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Air Neck Traction

The air neck traction is a cervical traction that is made of flannel and rubber, and uses air to tract the joints and structure in the neck.

  1. Limited cervical range of motion, reduce the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root stimulation repeated friction and poor, help the spinal cord, nerve roots, joint capsule, muscle and other tissue of the edema of inflammation subsided

  2. Relieve muscle spasm and restore the balance of cervical column, reducing intradiscal pressure, the pressure of the surrounding buffer disc.

  3. Retractor small joint space, lift the synovial incarcerated, to restore the normal cervical spine between the sequence and the relationship between them.

  4.  To distort the vertebral artery between the transverse foramen can be straight, to improve the oxygen supply to the vertebral artery

  5. Ball and intubation tube are rubber and other part is flannel

  6. Color for neck cushion : blue , gray

How the air neck traction works

Our necks are very complex structures that contain:

  1. muscles
  2. tendons
  3. ligaments
  4. nerves 
  5. intervertebral discs (this is the one that's known for "slipped disc" aka disc herniation

Just ANY of these structures getting injured or strain can cause neck pains, aches or discomforts. In severe cases, it can be debilitating and even disabling too.

If the nerves are compressed, patients may experience nerve-related deficits, such as tingling, numbness, dull aches etc.

And how the air neck traction comes to play is that when it's worn around the neck, and gradually inflated, it can help "hold up" the weight of the head, supporting the neck, providing some pain relief and even decompress compressed structures (to an extent).


The air neck traction can be useful to relief neck pain symptoms, but it isn't the full solution.

If you have any neck aches or pains that's been around more than 7 days, then you will likely need to have at least neck / spinal physiotherapy assessment.

This is for us to diagnose the possible neck issues that you may have, and to treat it as soon as possible for 

  1. as full a recovery as possible
  2. prevent your neck discomfort, aches and pains from coming back or getting worse

Where necessary, we may refer you to trustworthy orthopedic doctors in Singapore whom we have worked with for years / decade+.