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Balance Trainer Physiotherapy

Balance trainers such as Bosu balls are a very good form of strengthening exercises and activities weeks or months after an ankle sprain.

However if you have just recently you just had a sprained ankle, this is NOT suitable for you yet.

For a newly injured ankle, the immediate focus of ankle physiotherapy will be

Only when your ankle pain and inflammation has subsided, and your ankle is stable, then our senior physiotherapist will move onto more difficult movements including

  • strengthening
  • mobilization (active, passive, strengthening)
  • lower and higher balance training (including Bosu balance trainer)

if you don't have any ankle injury...

If you don't have any

  • ankle injuries
  • any recent ankle sprain
  • any recurrent ankle sprain

And you're just looking to build up your higher balance or core balance using balance trainers, then you can swing by our physio clinics for sessions with our senior physiotherapists. They may train you with bosu balls, which can be challenging to do even for the normal individuals, to train and improve your core strength and balance.

For safety precautions, please either

  • consult with your family doctor first or
  • connect with us and make an appointment to see one of our senior physiotherapists

first, so that we can do an indepth assessment on you to determine your physical, health and fitness level, and then create a customized-to-you physiotherapy exercise program that aims to build your foundation of

  • strength
  • stamina
  • stability

- before you start trying higher and more challenging exercises such as bosu balls.