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Biomechanical Problems

Biomechanics is the internal and external forces inflicted on the human body to create movement.

If there is an unfortunate biomechanical problem this can increase the risk and even cause injury to the skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Biomechanical problems are abnormalities in the movements produced by the internal and external forces and the body’s ability to react to them. These abnormalities can be treated through a course of biomechanical physiotherapy to correct the problem and prevent further injury.

These types of injuries will cause great problems for the athletic population as they can prevent them from participating and could have long lasting effects on their performance. Please contact us to arrange an appointment today.

Common types of Biomechanical Injuries our senior physiotherapists treat

Depending upon the sporting activity will depend upon the injury risk. Abnormal biomechanics will put structures under stress which are not designed to be. Some of the most common biomechanical injuries are:

These injuries can be due to the abnormal biomechanics causing an abnormal reaction to the forces inflicted on the body, resulting in the skeletal system reacting in an inappropriate way, which can cause one of the above injuries. These injuries can be caused due to:

  • Muscle imbalance (strength and length)
  • Poor technique
  • Poor posture
  • Faulty equipment (poor fitting running shoes)

Biomechanics and Physiotherapy

Biomechanics can be affected by small abnormalities in the body such as muscle length and strength. This alters the normal biomechanics of the individual increasing the risk to injury.

Our senior physiotherapists are experienced in identifying small abnormalities within movement.

They can provide specialised treatments to help normalise their findings, restoring normal movement and improving technique. This can enhance the individual’s performance and help prevent future biomechanical injuries.

some physiotherapy treatments we provide

There are a variety of Physiotherapy treatments which can be used to treat biomechanical problems, which includes:

Depending upon the cause, location and symptoms of the biomechanical problem will depend upon the choice of treatments our senior experienced physiotherapists will select.


Biomechanical problems can be unseen to the untrained eye, but our senior and experienced physiotherapists can identify small abnormalities which can be causing a problem to the client increasing the risk of injury.

Physiotherapy can offer a preventative service prior to injury occurring alongside the treatment of injuries sustained as well as help prevent surgery.

For an expert opinion please contact us to arrange an appointment today.