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Soft Comfort CorPak Hot Cold Packs

Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack Frost-Free Hot and Cold Pack for Dual Release Flexibility

Made in the USA, our Corpak Hot Cold Packs help relieve pain from strains, sprains, tendonitis (such as achilles tendinitis and biceps tendinitis) and other injuries

  • Soft, frost-free material is comfortable next to skin; no shock or pain
  • Freeze or microwaze; refreezes quickly
  • SlowFlow gel stays soft and pliable when frozen, and is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Packs are washable, reusable, and easy to disinfect

Corpak Hot Cold Packs Education:

Cold therapy works by constricting blood vessels, resulting in a decrease in blood flow to the area of application.

This helps to decrease swelling and promote healing.

Heat therapy increases blood flow to the area to help relax muscles and decrease pain. Put them together and you've got a lot of natural healing at your disposal for relieving sprains, strains, tendinitis and other injuries, as well as joint stiffness and poor circulation.

This pain management system is even more dynamic.

Dual Comfort CorPaks are a versatile solution to help treat strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries. Two frost-free surfaces and a unique strapping system provide secure positioning and variable therapeutic relief.

Its plush surface provides slow release therapy for subacute injuries, while rapid release surface helps deliver cold therapy quickly for acute injuries. Our hot-cold packs can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Soft, frost-free pack is gentle on skin and does not need to be wrapped in a towel.

Dual Comfort CorPaks have more fill than traditional packs to retain cold and heat longer. Long-lasting, reusable and filled with nontoxic, biodegradable fill.

We carry the following sizes:

  • ACC531  Medium Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 6” x 10” (15cm x 25cm)
  • ACC532  Large Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 10” x 13”   (25cm x 33cm)
  • ACC533  Cervical Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 6” x 20” (15cm x 50cm)

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Detailed SKUs

ACC-530-DC, ACC-531-DC, ACC-532-DC, ACC-533-DC, ACC-534-DC

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