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Customized Insoles For Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma is a benign tumor of nerve cells. Foot Morton's Neuroma is a painful condition affecting the feet (usually between third and fourth toes).

The patient feels akin to standing on pebbles! Basically, the condition is caused by thickening of the toe nerve tissues. In turn, a sharp burning pain can be felt around the ball of the foot. Apart from the ball of the foot, it can occur in other locations of the foot as well.

The Metatarsal Foot Morton's Neuroma is a clinical condition attributed to the thickening of the sheath of the plantar​ inter-digital nerve. This condition also called as inter-metatarsal Neuroma causes irritation and pain. Other names for the condition include Morton's disease, Morton's neuralgia, Morton's nerve entrapment, etc.

Women remain at a higher risk of developing the condition. Wearing ill-fitted or high heels can place extra pressure on the toes and worsen the problem.

The problem may improve by opting for custom designed boots for Morton's Neuroma.

There are special women's Morton's Neuroma shoe inserts insoles that are sold as Morton's Neuroma orthotic insoles in the market.

How Morton's Neuroma Arises?

Morton's Neuroma diagnosis is preceded by the painful irritation of balls of the foot.

The issue is caused by thickening of nerves. A compression results in the enlargement of foot nerve. This causes a permanent damage to the foot nerves.

Therefore, Morton's Neuroma is caused by any condition that leads to compression or irritation. The most common causes include:

  • Wearing high heels.
  • Tapered toe box design.
  • Issues like: hammer toes, bunions, and flat feet.
  • Repetitive irritation in the foot.
  • High foot arches.
  • An Injury or trauma to the foot nerves.
  • Ballet and racquet sports.
  • Any other gait abnormality.

Morton's Neuroma diagnosis becomes easy if you identify any of the above conditions in the early stages.


Normally pain and burning sensations are two major giveaways of the condition. Apart from this, there occur no outward signs of the problem.

The issue arises as soon as the foot bears the body weight.

A sharp shooting pain affects the adjacent sides. In Morton's Neuroma, both feet may also be affected due to the repetitive nature of the problem. In some cases, the issue starts after a brief period of walking with a dull pain in the third and the fourth toe.

The patient may complain about pain and feeling of the presence of marble in shoes. He may end up removing the shoes to find the pebble.

The common symptoms of Morton's Neuroma include:

  • Feeling of standing on pebbles or folded socks.
  • Burning pain like as if a red-hot needle is inserted in the balls of the feet. This may also radiate to the toes.
  • Paresthesia, i.e. tingling or numbness in the toe region.
  • The sensation of pins and needles.
  • An unpleasant sensation while walking or playing sports.
  • Feeling of pushing off from the starting block while running.
  • Pinching of nerves on wearing tight shoes.
  • The problem tends to worsen on wearing tight or high heeled footwear.
  • Pain may be constant. It may last for days and weeks.
  • There are lower instances of pain at night.

In some cases, the patient may even develop a fear of walking and placing feet on the ground. Extreme cases of Morton’s Neuroma in both feet have also been observed.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your doctor if the pain sustains even after changing your footwear.

Diagnosis And Treatment For Morton's Neuroma

A physical examination by a physician can detect the issue. By placing pressure on bones and looking for calluses, he may be able to detect the cause of pain. An MRI scan can also reveal the disease. Short term Morton's Neuroma treatment includes resting the feet, wearing better-fitted shoes and ice pack.

Long-term Morton's Neuroma cure:

  • Changes in footwear: Avoid wearing high heels and ill-fitted shoes. By opting for proper fitting shoes, bones tend to spread and the pressure on the nerves reduces. Hence, the foot receives time to heal from the day’s pressure.

  • Avoiding repetitive activities and sports: Sports like running, ballet, tennis and badminton are highly repetitive in nature. This cause the pressure to shift on toes and worsen the problem. Thus, if possible, avoid these activities.

  • Orthoses: Morton's Neuroma cure includes opting for custom shoe inserts and pads. Morton's Neuroma foot insoles relieve irritation by lifting the bones. Shoe insoles for Morton's Neuroma are also designed to separate the bones.

  • Cortisone injections: An injection of cortisone medication reduces the inflammation and swelling. This brings relief from the foot pain. Similarly, anti-inflammatory medications also provide a considerable amount of relief for up to six weeks to the patient. The step can be repeated again for better results.

  • Surgery: Foot surgery is another option for treatment of Morton's Neuroma. Surgery involves resection of the nerve and has a shorter recovery period.

The surgery can be approached in extreme cases. However, utilizing the benefit of a 3D custom insole for the treatment of Morton's Neuroma is the best option. The inserting of shoe insoles for Morton's Neuroma can help remove the need for surgery completely.

Our custom 3D custom Morton's Neuroma insoles ensure that your feet receive individual attention. These insoles provide an acupressure effect to both the feet.

This is the best method to soothe the bone and the nerves.

How Do Insoles Help to Cure Morton's Neuroma?

The Morton's Neuroma orthotic insoles are devices that help alter your posture to relieve the underlying causes of pain.

If used during the early stages of the problem, these shoe insoles for Morton's Neuroma can help relieve the pain and the burning sensation.

These orthotics prevent the rolling of transverse (Metatarsal) arch of the foot while walking. These bones roll together yielding to compression and pain.

Metatarsal arch pads are available commonly in the market. These pads are placed underfoot. The pad spreads the metatarsal region and hence the pressure.

It is important that Morton's Neuroma orthotic insoles and the women's Morton's Neuroma shoe inserts insoles for heels should be positioned rightly. An incorrect placement makes the treatment ineffective.

Boots for Morton's Neuroma do have a positive impact during the early stages of treatment. Unlike pads, these are carefully designed to give support.

It is easy to buy best shoes for Morton's Neuroma, but difficult to customize them for adequate comfort. A correctly trained orthopedic expert can customize the inserts to provide adequate pain relief.

Orthotics 3D Custom Technology And Its Design

Our Morton's Neuroma orthotic insoles use acupressure to help relieve the pain. These 3D custom insoles heal the root cause of the problem, i.e. compression.

These lend support to feet in the event of pressure and soothe the nerves. The highly effective custom design has been exponential in the treatment for Morton's Neuroma.

Insoles For The Morton's Neuroma:

Orthotics 3D Morton's Neuroma foot insoles use expert technology to give you relief from the pain. The MRI scan is used to identify foot issues and problem areas.

The best part about these Morton's Neuroma insoles is that they are custom designed and crafted especially by hand. Depending on the unique feet, body and health profile, these Morton's Neuroma insoles fit perfectly to your feet for the best results.

The initial cost of investment ensures that you receive the best treatment for the issue. Over the counter, insoles or boots for Morton's Neuroma have a lower initial cost, but the results may not be effective.

This affects the gait and may cause related health issues.

Our custom women's Morton's Neuroma shoe inserts ensure that you have an easy experience despite wearing shoes of your choice. So ladies, say hello to a better lifestyle!

Insole Design For The Individual Foot

We appreciate your individual body demands and design orthotics accordingly. Our treatment options are best in class to treat Morton's Neuroma.

From outside, our products resemble simple pads but are super easy and effective.

Women's Morton's Neuroma shoe inserts insoles ensure that your favorite pair of shoes doesn't end up neglected.

These insoles make every shoe the best shoes for Morton's Neuroma. Their custom fit makes feet issues a thing of the past. The symptoms soon depreciate and nerves undergo a relaxing exercise each day. The benefit of an extra layer of cushioning lends support to foot arch and the toes.

Specialized  Morton's Neuroma care is delivered through these orthotic inserts. These insoles are designed to treat the foot nerves and relax the muscular pain.


The change in lifestyle and increasing stress have taken a huge toll on human orthopedics. There exist thousands of individuals who have one or other issues related to feet and orthopedic health.

Many of us are sufferers of the foot pain. Hence, to resolve all these issues, it is important to make informed choices while buying footwear. Even more important is selecting the right treatment for the feet disorders.

The constant job demands and poor dietary restrictions are leading to a constant pressure on the feet. This makes the feet even more susceptible to the issues.

3D custom insoles can be a savior in this case. Thus, if you experience any instance of foot pain lasting more than a few days, it is best to consult with a surgeon.

If you are a player or a workaholic, investment in Morton's Neuroma foot insoles can be useful in sustaining your performance. This will also be important in avoiding the issues caused due to uncomfortable surfaces and recurring movements.

A word of caution: If you ignore the pain, it is going to come back with a vengeance. Hence, a stitch in time saves nine.

Other important benefits of insoles:

  • The best part about investing in the 3D custom insoles is that it helps not just the foot, but also your whole orthopedic health. This means these Morton's Neuroma insoles can relieve hips, knee and back pain as well.
  • The handcrafted design has been found to be extremely helpful for arthritis and diabetic patients.
  • The custom design is tailored to suit their lifestyle choices. Advanced options like X-Ray and MRI are used to identify the underlying cause. This is then used for the design of custom insoles.

All the above-listed methods provide neuroskeletal relief. If you have pain in feet and you seek effective treatment without any harmful side effects, you may switch to orthotics.

This treatment option can be used for the prevention and cure of foot disorders. Presently, orthotics is an emerging avenue for people suffering from pedo-muscular pains.

In cases of Morton's Neuroma, these insoles prevent the need for surgery and make life easy for the patients.

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