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A deformity is an abnormality in the musculoskeletal make up.

Deformities can cause pain, discomfort and restriction to normal movement. There can be a variety of causes for deformities to occur, varying in the level of disability caused to the individual.

Physiotherapy treatment can offer assistance to improve function and independence.

Causes of deformities

There are a variety of conditions and injuries which can cause deformities to occur in a person. Some of the most common causes are:

Depending on the severity of the deformity will depend on the affect it has on the individual’s life. Physiotherapy can assist improve independence and functional daily activities.

Physiotherapy and Deformities

Physiotherapy has many benefits to those who have musculoskeletal deformities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved independence
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Improved joint integrity
  • Improved function

Depending upon the cause of deformity will depend upon the treatments which could benefit. For an expert opinion please contact us to arrange an appointment with an experienced senior physiotherapist.

What Physiotherapy treatments can be expected for Deformities?

Depending upon the cause and type of deformity will depend upon the selection of treatments used by the Physiotherapist. Some of the common treatments may include:

All of the treatments will be based upon the goals set by the Physiotherapist and client working towards the benefits listed previously.


Deformities can be disabling, affecting a person’s entire lifestyle. These deformities may be improved through Physiotherapeutic intervention. Independence and functional tasks can be improved with the expert knowledge and skills of our senior physiotherapists.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.