Your First Physio Session With Phoenix

Hi there and welcome to the Your First Physio Session With Phoenix - here we'll prepare you for the first session with us.

  1. How to get to Phoenix Rehab Clinics - visit here "Phoenix Clinic Locations" to find out how to get to us, identifying landmarks, etc.

  2. Cancellation/late-policy - as all our patients are seen on an appointment-only basis, please come on-time (or better still, at least 10-15 minutes early) for your therapy session. If you come late, we will still have to finish at the time we're to finish. If you'd like to reschedule your appointment, please let our front desk/therapist know at least 12 hours in advance so we can offer patients in waiting list. Not informing us in advance will incur a full-session charge, unless it's something that was unforeseen.

  3. What to wear - we do have a change of clothing in our clinics for your convenience, and we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict movements.

  4. Phoenix Rehab full suite of rehab and therapy services - we are first and foremost a physiotherapy practice, and have supporting integrated services to provide holistic therapy treatment. They include:

    a) Physiotherapy: general, back and neck, sports, clinical Pilates, dry needling, post-surgery, myofascial release, computerized spinal traction decompression, post-delivery and women's health
    b) Hand Therapy: customized splinting, wound care and hand therapy
    c) Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage
    d) Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, cupping
    e) Alternative Medicine: BodyTalk, SomatoEmotional Release
    f) Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

  5. Therapy and Wellness Products that we carry includes Bremed electric heatpack, RockTape, back rest, bed wedge, massage trigger ball, foam rollers and more (all carried in clinic)

  6. Patient reviews and testimonials (do add your own too)

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That's it for now - thank you and see you!