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What Health Supplements Should I/My Loved Ones Take To For Quicker Bone and Injury Healing?

It can be shocking and scary when we or our loved ones get an injury...and then we don't know what we can or cannot do, or if there's any specific bone and/or injury supplements that we can take to facilitate and accelerate their healing.

So in our clinics, we see hundreds of appointments every single month (and this number is growing month on month, year on year), and we assess and treat so many patients with bone, muscles, joints and other soft tissue injuries such as

And most of them will ask us:

What Health Supplements Should I, My Loved Ones Or FriendsTake To For Quicker Bone and Injury Healing?

There are a few that we do recommend, and based on what our patients need and will benefit from.

I believe in natural and organic health supplements that are highly researched and documented, and has been around since 1990s (an older company is typically more mature, more research is done, not scam etc), and one of the health supplement companies that we suggest for patients to consider is Xtend-Life Natural Health Products (health supplements & skincare).

The products that we recommend:

  • Xtend Life Bone Support  - helps with fracture healing, bone strength and health, improve calcium absorption and improves your joint cartilage.

  • Xtend Life Kiwi Klenz - improves your gut and digestive health, and what this does is to improve your body's absorption of any supplements, fruits and meals you take. Take care of your gut health, and many positive cascading health benefits come about in terms of overall health, energy, injury healing etc.

  • Xtend Life Bee Pollen - usually during or after an injury/stroke, our bodies weaken a lot to combat and repair the injured site, and what this New Zealand pure bee pollen does is that it contains very natural non-sugar supplement that will help improve your body's energy levels, allowing you to be up and about and continue in your daily activities. Great for sports and exercises too.
  • Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussels Powder - supports and provides joint relief and comfort (a very potent anti-inflammatory agent) and is 100% pure New Zealand source

  • Xtend Life Neuro Natural Sleep - helps to promote healthy, wholesome and restful sleep, which is very important for injury healing, healthy night time brain activity as well as improves your immune health and overall well being

  • Xtend Life Immu-Stay - helps support a healthy immune response to common seasonal ailments as well as prevent infections post injuries and operations (taken on top of antibiotics), maintain your body's immune function and supports healthy inflammation management

  • Xtend-Life Not Just Joints is a support supplement for joints, muscles and connective tissues and helps comfort/relieve sort joints and muscles, support healthy cartilage and mobility as well as promotes healthy inflammation management

  • Xtend Life Systemic Care for diabetic and diabetes care management - supports healthy organs and functions, helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level when taking insulin; support your immune, nervous and endocrine systems as well as support the health and function of the kidneys, pancreas and liver

  • Xtend Life Total Balance Men's Premium - is the ultimate natural men's health supplement, which is a comprehensive cellular support supplement for long term health and is an ultimate age defying formula that also enhances sexual health and vitality.

  • Xtend Life Total Balance Women's Premium - is the ultimate women's health supplement and is very comprehensive cellular support for long term health. Is is customized for women's health support and is the ultimate age defying formula supplement.

  • Xtend Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium - an exclusive New Zealand formula and is an antioxidant blend containing Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene and AstaPure® astaxanthin and supports the skin against premature aging and skin healing

We have been personally taking these health supplements for general health and well being since 2014, and we hope this helps you and your loved ones accelerate injury healing and recovery, as well as to help you achieve your best health ever =)