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Joint Clicking

Joint cracking is a common symptom which does not usually cause any pain to the individual.

The causes of clicking and cracking joints has been debated but unfortunately there has been no specific reason  that has been agreed upon till today. That being said, if a joint is stiff, painful and clicks then a medical opinion is advised.

Our senior physiotherapists are experienced at assessing joint integrity. Please contact us for a physiotherapy appointment.

Causes of Joint Clicking

There are several theories as to why joints click.

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Gasses escaping from the synovial fluid within the joint
  • Ligaments and tendons ‘snapping’ back into place
  • Arthritic changes and injuries to the joint

The first two causes should not be painful, but if the clicking is accompanied by pain please contact us for an expert assessment.

Physiotherapy and Joint Clicking

Physiotherapists are qualified health care professionals who are experienced at assessing joints of the human body.

If pain, discomfort, swelling or heat is experience with clicking joints then an assessment would be of benefit. This can help provide a reason to where the pain is coming from and rule out / prevent any injury which potentially could deteriorate.

Our senior physiotherapists have a great amount of experience and knowledge enabling them to provide a high quality service.

What Physiotherapy Treatments can be expected for Joint Clicking?

Depending upon the cause of the clicking found within the joint will depend upon the treatments received. If cause if due to arthritis or an injury within the joint the treatments will be aimed at decreasing the pain, optimising healing and improving joint integrity. Some of the following treatments may be used:

These treatments will only be used upon the Physiotherapist’s clinical judgement from the initial assessment.


Joint clicking can be a normal with no worrying cause, but once pain and discomfort is experienced then a professional opinion should be sought.

Our senior physiotherapists are carefully selected and experienced health care professionals that can provide a high quality service, assessing and providing an individually tailored therapy programme.

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