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Mobility Problems

Mobility problems means that a person is having difficulty walking and moving as they normally would. This can have a major effect on a person’s independence at any age. There are many causes for mobility problems which can be assisted with Physiotherapy input. If mobility problems are left untreated they can quite often deteriorate.

What are the causes of mobility problems?

There are many factors which can affect a person’s mobility, which can be improved with the assistance of a Physiotherapist from Physio.co.uk. Some of the common causes for issues with mobility are:

  • Neurological conditions
  • Aging process
  • Obesity
  • Injury
  • Mental health illness

how our senior physiotherapists can help

Physiotherapy can help by enhancing and working on the level of mobility the individual is at through a variety of physiotherapeutic techniques. The experienced Physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk can:

  • Optimise independence
  • Improve mobility (with full compliance of the client)
  • Provide and educate on walking aids
  • Education carers on manual handling techniques
  • Provide a rehabilitation programme designed to improve the clients mobility
  • Improve self-confidence with mobility

What Physiotherapy treatments can be expected for Mobility Problems?

There are many techniques used by the experienced Physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk to improve a client’s mobility. Some of the techniques may include the following, but are dependent upon the outcome of the assessment and the judgement of the Physiotherapist:


Mobility problems can affect a person’s independence and can increase the risk of other health conditions including falls, joint pains, joint stiffness, and fractures.

Our senior physiotherapists have experienced qualified staff who provide a high quality service working towards goals set with the client to gain optimal results.

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