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NAQI Belgian Skin Care Singapore

You deserve the best possible skin care.

We are so happy and pleased to share with you that we are bringing in Naqi Belgian Skin Care Expertise products to Singapore and Asia. They're a really big company with lots of products, and we're bringing first the following range:

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NAQI Massage Lotions

NAQI Pain Relief Rehab Gels

NAQI Scar Oils & Creams

 NAQI Mechanical Stress (Anti-friction Lotion)

About naqi

Our mission is to develop preventive and post-curative skin care products and to thus contribute to the quality of the care provided and to patient satisfaction.

On this website you will discover how our products can provide solutions to a large number of skin complaints and problems. You will see a description of the complaint or the problem and you will find the appropriate Naqi solution.

NAQI® has a clear mission: to develop and manufacture the best preventive and post curative skin care products in order to:

  • Improve skin condition
  • Efficiently target skin problems
  • Offer an adapted after care
  • Contribute to the quality of care.

NAQI® focuses on the market of primary health care, sports medicine and hospitals. Perfect skin does not exist, but its structure, feel and appearance can always be improved.

For NAQI-related enquiries and purchases, please contact louise@paininjuryphysio.com, thank you