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Numbness is the altered sensation known as anaesthesia. This is defined as having no feeling or awareness for the part of the body suffering from anaesthesia. There are many reasons for part of the body to have this alteration in sensation. Physiotherapy may be able to assist with the cause of numbness but and can help treat the alteration in sensation.

What causes Numbness?

Numbness can be caused by several factors, some temporary whereas others may be more long term. Some of the most common causes for numbness are:

How can Physiotherapy help?

Our senior physiotherapists may be able to help treat the cause of numbness through a comprehensive assessment and individually tailored treatment plan.

Physiotherapy maybe able to help the symptom of numbness by:

  • Diagnosing the cause
  • Treating the cause
  • Sensitization therapy techniques
  • Pain management for surrounding areas

What types of Physiotherapy treatments are expected for numbness?

Dependent upon the cause of numbness will depend upon the types of treatment which will be received.

Upon examination the senior physiotherapist will build a picture of potential causes and formulate a suitable treatment plan.

Some of the physiotherapy treatments could include


Numbness is usually as a result of a compressed or damaged nerve.

Depending upon the reasons for the alteration in sensation with depend on the type of treatment and other symptoms such as weak muscles as their nerve supply has been cut off.

Our senior physiotherapists are experienced qualified members of staff who have treated this symptom many times before.

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