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Post-surgery Physiotherapy novena

After having undergone an orthopedic surgery to reduce pain and movement limitations, you'll 100%  require exercises and progression to fully regain your

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • movement
  • function

However, restoration of optimal physical function and strength depends on the person’s level of active participation during the rehabilitation process.

The quickest, safest and easiest way to return to your daily activities is by consulting our senior physiotherapists who are experienced in post-operative rehabilitation or also known as post surgery physiotherapy.

At Phoenix Rehab, we will assist you in your post-operative physiotherapy care and facilitate optimal recovery - you can count on us to liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific rehab requirements and ensure optimal supervision and support on your road to recovery.

List Of Common Surgeries That Require Post Surgery Physiotherapy & Post-Operation

post surgery physiotherapy with us

If you’ve undergone surgery for a painful orthopedic conditioneven if the operation was years ago – you may still feel lingering

  • pain
  • difficulty moving fully/properly
  • dysfunction
  • other difficulties

These problems can limit your activities and keep you from realising your full movement and physical potential. Fortunately, professional physiotherapy is a great way to address chronic pain, fix those lingering pains and movement issues as well as raise your quality of life.

Phoenix Rehab & Physio Solution

Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure can be both complex and delicate process that requires skilled training and experience. And that's why at Phoenix Rehab, we only work with senior and experienced physiotherapists and hand therapists to work with us.

They are able to provide this valuable specialized physiotherapy and rehab care to all of our patients, no matter the nature or date of their orthopedic surgery. We are confident that we are an excellent choice for post-surgery physiotherapy in Singapore.

We understand that you may feel your worst after a surgical procedure and want nothing more than to get better, to experience less pain, to move again, to get moving and about again.

This is why we employ many therapy techniques for post-surgical care, customized specificly to your individual health, situation and needs. Our senior physiotherapists are gentle, caring, and committed to your rapid recovery and will constantly monitor and help your progress and work with you as partners in your rehabilitation.

We’re with you every step of the way in your post-surgical physiotherapy outcome and care.