Posturite Laptop Tablet Stand Singapore

Where and how to purchase Posturite Laptop Tablet Stand Singapore

Price: SGD 150.00 per unit

Pickup Location: Phoenix Rehab Group Singapore (see how to get to us here)


Posturite Laptop Tablet Stand Singapore: Quick Overview

Ultra slim portable laptop stand. Although only 18.2cm in width when folded, the telescopic side bars can slide out to provide a wide support and also help to keep the laptop cool as they allow for increased airflow.

Posturite Laptop And Tablet Stand Singapore: Features

Height adjustable laptop stand

Six angle adjustments for optimal laptop screen height.

Slide out bar setup

Easy to setup, the Slimcool provides wide support and maximum air circulation.

Mobile lightweight design

Folds flat to 10mm to easily fit in a laptop case and weighs only 550g for easy transport.

Aluminium construction

Maximum durability.

Includes neoprene carry case.

Tidy storage for transporting.

NOTE: This product is a laptop workstation accessory

This laptop stand is designed to be used in conjunction with a separate mouse and keyboard (not included) as part of a laptop workstation, in order to improve body posture and increase comfort & productivity.

Posturite Laptop Tablet Stand Singapore: Specification

Dimensions: 27.5 (w) x 25.2(l) 1(d) cm.

Weight: 550g.

Suitable for all laptop sizes up to 17'.

You can and should use this stand particularly when you use your laptops and tablets for extended periods of time (more than 30 minutes). If you're always using laptop for work, you will definitely require using this laptop stand.

The main purpose of having this laptop and tablet stand is two fold:

#1: Firstly, your body will thank you for the better posture benefits

In our clinic, more than 5 in 10 people who come to us for the treatment of back and neck pain work on laptops throughout the entire day. You see, laptops are the main source of us craning our neck too much, and slouching in our back (see picture on right)

This is not the way our bodies are made - we're made to be more upright -  craning and slouching overstretches and strains the ligaments and muscles of our back and neck in ways it's not supposed to, and it always result in back pain and neck pain, and sometimes both.

We personally use a laptop using this stand, and our front counter staff do so too, because I firmly believe in this stand.

#2: Second and less importantly, your laptop will not overheat as fast

This is because of the openings at the side of the stand that allows for warm/hot air to be released from the back, allowing your laptop life to last longer (less overheating)

How to use them

We setup my laptops with this stand, and use it as it is all the time, decreasing the hassle of setting up each time I need to use my laptops. You'll need a separate mouse and keyboard too.

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