What is Pre-natal Clinical Pilates?

Pre-natal Clinical Pilates is a tailored program designed specifically for individuals who are looking to maximize their bodies while carrying a baby.

Why Clinical Pilates?

  1. It is a safe way to exercise during pregnancy

  2. Helps to maintain optimal posture during pregnancy

  3. It helps provide you with advice on the abdominal and gluteal muscles and how to strengthen them during and after pregnancy

  4. It helps to work on Pelvic floor strengthening and retraining

  5. Helps to avoid back pain

  6. Helps improve breathing and chest expansion when the thoracic spine (upper back) can become stiff during pregnancy

  7. Improves balance

  8. Keeping in-shape during pregnancy helps with post-partum recovery

Is Clinical Pilates safe during pregnancy?

It is important to check with your midwife or doctor if you wish to start any new exercise program during pregnancy.

Our Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor is highly qualified and specializes in exercise during pregnancy, so your safety will be maintained during your session.

As the amount of the hormone relaxin increases during pregnancy, the joints become more flexible. The Physiotherapist will ensure you do not overstretch, as this may cause injury.

You will work in smaller ranges of motion and focus on working on control and core strength

How do I get started?

The first step is to book in for your individual assessment with our qualified and experienced Pilates-trained Women’s health Physiotherapist.

In the first session we will discuss your needs and create a plan for your Pilates sessions based on your specific needs and goals. The Physiotherapist can then tailor the progressive exercises.

As you progress through your pregnancy, the Clinical Pilates Instructor/Physiotherapist will modify your exercises so they are appropriate from mid-pregnancy onwards.

General Pilates classes may not be suitable for pregnant women as they involve positions that are not appropriate or may progress too quickly.

Our Clinical Pilates Instructor/Physiotherapist will use Pilates equipment to add variety and fun to the exercise program whilst maintaining safety at all times.