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Stiffness is a symptom that is caused by many injuries and conditions. Stiffness episodes can vary in length, from thirty minutes to the duration of the day. This symptom can have many effects on the individual, including:

Stretches and mobilisations of the muscles and connective tissues in the lower back

What causes stiffness?

There are a variety of reasons which potentially could cause stiffness at joints and muscles. Some of the most common causes are:

how our senior physiotherapists can help

Physiotherapy can help with both muscle and joint stiffness in clients through assessment, advice and treatment and appropriate. Physiotherapy can help stiffness by:

  • Increasing joint range of movement
  • Increasing muscle length
  • Decreasing pain (pain relief physiotherapy)
  • Offering self-management strategies
  • Sign posting to other appropriate medical services as necessary

What Physiotherapy Treatments can be expected for stiffness?

For joint stiffness and muscle stiffness there are several Physiotherapeutic techniques which can be used to help.

Some of the physiotherapy techniques we may use includes:


Stiffness is a symptom which is produced by many injuries and conditions. Our senior and experienced physiotherapists can help treat the symptom through different therapeutic modalities and advice.

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