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Swelling / Inflammation Physiotherapy

Inflammation is the body’s natural healing process which produces swelling and heat lasting for up to several weeks.

This swelling and heat can cause

Our senior physiotherapistssoft-tissue-massage-physiotherapy-mobilizations-of-patella-to-disperse-swelling-from-knee-joint can assist with these symptoms through their experience and enhanced therapy skills. Swelling and inflammation are symptoms of an injury or infection and could benefit from a professional assessment.

Soft tissue massage and mobilizations of the patella to disperse swelling from the knee joint

Injuries which can produce swelling and Inflammation

Many injuries which cause trauma to the body whether it is at cellular level or main structures will initiate the Inflammation process causing swelling at the injury site.

Some of the bones, muscles and joints injuries that our senior physiotherapists and hand therapists treat which produce Inflammation and swelling are:

how our senior physiotherapists can help

Physiotherapy can help with the symptoms of swelling and inflammation through their experience and knowledge.

Our senior physiotherapists can help by:

What Physiotherapy Treatments can be expected for swelling and inflammation?

There are a number of physiotherapy treatments available by our senior physiotherapists for swelling and inflammation.

The experienced Physiotherapists will make a clinical judgement from the initial assessment on which treatments are best suited.

Some of the physiotherapy interventions and treatments may include:


Swelling and inflammation can cause problems with reduced range of movement affecting the individual’s mobility if a lower limb injury.

The swelling and inflammation period can last for several weeks therefore a course of physiotherapy could assist to accelerate and optimize healing and speed the recovery process.

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