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Why Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment in the world for the recovery of pain and injuries. Physiotherapists are the only health care treatment provider that can be found in both the hospital and private practice setting.

Having the correct treatment after an injury is important, to make sure the injury is put under correct loading for the stage of healing it is in, to promote the best healing with the best time frames. Without these guidelines, too much load and pressure, or not enough, can cause further injury, discomfort and a slower healing time, meaning you are out of action for longer.

Always get an injury assessed by a physiotherapist, to allow a faster and correct recovery, decreasing the time and money spent on future reoccurring or compensationary injuries.

Neck and Back Pain: 

Neck pain and back pain are the most common complaints in our physio clinics and also in the physiotherapy world. 80% of people in the world at some stage of their lives experience back pain. Whether you spend too much time on the computer or have a job that requires repetitive tasks, our senior physiotherapists, deep tissue massage therapists and TCM acupuncturists can help ease your aches and pains.

We are able to show you core strengthening exercises to help strengthen and stabilize your spine to limit the compensation strategies you adapt from being in pain. Headaches are very common with neck pain and are important to get on top of.

Muscle and Joint Pain: 

Bones, muscles and joint pains getting you down? You don’t have to live with pain (pain is not normal part of life) and neither do you have to give up your golfing, running, cycling or any of the activities you enjoy. It is important to keep moving as exercise helps stimulate bone growth and health, to maintain joint function. We can help get your joints moving again, relieving pain and discomfort allowing you to return to the things you enjoy the most.

Sports Injuries: 

At Phoenix Rehab we cover all types of sports injuries from sprains and strains, to muscles and ligament tears and even fractures. We are able to refer to orthopedic specialists if and when required. We also have a range of taping and braces that we can use and have for sale, to give extra support if needed. We are highly selective of who joins our rehab team, so our experienced team will give you all the exercises and advise you need to get you back on the field and life faster and better than before!

Work place injuries: There are a huge variety of work places, from office based sedentary work, to harvesting forests consisting of very heavy manual labor. Injuries can occur anywhere at any time and if your injury is stopping you from being at work, then your lively hood can be put at risk. Phoenix Rehab is not only able to assist you with the recovery of your injury, but also with your return to work.

Surgical rehabilitation: After surgery it is important to get things moving and functioning again. Our senior physiotherapists can assist you with your post-surgery physiotherapy and recovery, helping you achieve the correct post-operative stages in the correct time frames. We can also help to reduce the effects of scar tissue which can lead to restricted movement. A surgeon will usually give you limitations and time frames to bring to us as guidelines to work with.

Neurological Rehabilitation: If you have a chronic neurological impairment or injury, we can help with the conditioning of muscle wasting by giving you a home exercise program that is based on improving strength, balance, muscle length and proprioception. We are able to do home visits if you are unable to come in to see us, so you can continue with your rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home.