do you have a bone, muscle or joint pain?

20201028-nigel-and-louise combines expertise + experienced orthopedic and pain relief physiotherapy with non-invasive pain treatments such as

to specifically and clinically help patients who suffer from both acute and persistent pain.

We promote tendon, ligament, cartilage, muscle and other soft tissue repair, as well as improve gliding movements of joints and strength of muscles in an non-invasive, safe and drug-free approach, that are effective for patients who still suffer from pains even after trying other treatments or who are not comfortable with risks and complications of other options.

We're here to guide you.

We're a pain management physio couple:

  • I'm a hand occupational therapist / hand therapist; and my better half, 
  • Louise, is a physiotherapist 

and we specialize in treating painful orthopedic and sports injuries as well as painful conditions.

I've been treating patients with elbow, wrist, hand and finger pains and injuries since 2006, and my wife's been treating all the other joints and structures back & neck (spine), shoulder, hip & knees as well as foot & ankle also since 2006.

We'd been doing this a long time, and we're still pretty passionate (and experienced) in assessing and treating pains and injuries to the bones, muscles and joints.

Read more about us and in the About page.

Take a look around, there's lots of content. Reach out to me if you have any particular questions to ask about your pains too.

Talk soon!

nigel & louise

why choose

  1. Based on rehab technology, outcomes and evidence / research. 

  2. Long-term oriented - we want you to be fully independent and pain free...NOT dependent on us for long term.

  3. Experienced and wide variety of experience - we'd been healing patients since 2005!

  4. Helping you to prevent painful injections or surgeries wherever possible.

  5. If you medically need surgeries or injections, we can refer you orthopedic doctors we know and trust in Singapore (we dont get commissions for this at all) 

  6. We will help physio and rehab you

    a) BEFORE / PREVENT injections or surgeries
    b) AFTER injections or surgeries, to recover from pain, build strength and go back to normal life as fast as possible, with minimal or no pain.

Conditions That Respond Well To OUR Treatments

our signature pain relief solutions 

Manual Therapy

Hands-on therapy is by far the most effective healing technique because there is also "palpation feedback" which provides a GPS-guiding sense for us manual therapists to know exactly where to treat.

Shockwave Therapy

A globally known and standard that's non-invasive approach to treating pain, inflammation and injuries using very controlled high-energy acoustic waves.

Customized Insoles & Finger / Hand Splinting

These customized solutions protect AND position your specific injured structures, to allow them to heal in the best and optimal position.

What to expect during your first session

  1. Longer initial session so that we can dive deeper to clearly understand your pain, injury and condition.

  2. Find out what other treatments were done, and why they didnt work for you.

  3. Explore best pain relief and therapy solutions for your specific pain

  4. Our goals: 

    a) Pain relief
    b) Improve strength, balance, range of motion
    c) Return back to life, work and sports / hobbies without pain
    d) Avoid / prevent injections or surgeries wherever possible

  5. If you already have a doctor you're working with, we will communicate with them our findings and recommendations and treatments so that they're in the healing communication loop (this keeps your rehab momentum going)

  6. If you want or request, we can refer you to an orthopedic doctor we trust and have worked with for a number of years for your first, second or third Singapore orthopedic doctor opinion.

common myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions about pain

  1. I've tried everything...only injections or surgeries can help me.

    NOT true - significant majority of pain and injury cases will not require surgery unless something has broken / torn and has become unstable. In this case, yes, we agree for surgery. But anything that ISN'T broken or torn, is stable, usually can recover with astute and experienced physiotherapy.

  2. I need to learn to live with my pain, because it's wear and tear and will only get worse from here.

    No, no...most of the time, there are always something that can be done to improve the pain, improve function and quality of life.

  3. I'm okay, I have learnt to live with my aches, discomforts and pain, I just can take painkillers and still live my life.

    Yes, for very mild aches, that disappears on its own within 7 days, sure.

    However, for pains that have persisted beyond 7 days, you must seriously consider seeing us, because that's a clear signal and sign from your body or body part that there is something injured or wrong that needs to be attended to. If left untreated, something mild that can be treated in 3-6 sessions can become moderate or severe that may require months to treat.

The Cost of not taking action to understand, healING your pains or wait-and-see APPROACH

In a nutshell:

  1. Longer time needed to recover as it escalates or worsen, which means instead of 3-10 sessions for mild conditions and pains, 

  2. More sessions and more costs to recover if the conditions degrades to moderate and severe levels of pain and complexity (yes, they can worsen if left untreated)

  3. Higher risks or possibility of requiring injections or worse, surgery

  4. This means even more time off from work, decreased productivity to work, responsibilities to loved ones, hobbies etc

  5. Possibly develop long term, ongoing chronic pain which will impact your physical and mental energy, happiness and quality of life as a whole

The faster any injuries or pains is diagnosed and treated, the faster and fuller the recovery.

The earlier you're treated, the LESSER PAIN you'd need to endure or live with. I think it's unnecessary pain and suffering to bear pains where it's unnecessary...

Types Of Concern
(Select whichever applies to you)

  1. Wear and Tear (Degenerative) Pains and Problems

  2. Pain...After Injections or Surgeries

  3. Need Pain Relief Physio / Hand Therapy Appointment ASAP / Earlier

  4. Unknown / Unexplained Pain Conditions

  5. Sports Injuries & Pains

  6. First time injury or pain and dont know what to do or who to see? Fret not, you can use our Free Diagnosis Checker or get an orthopedic recommendation here

  7. Second...Even Third Opinion?

  8. Complex or Difficult Pain Problems That Doesn't Seem To Respond To Standard Pain Treatments

  9. Problem Too Mild To Need Pain Relief Physio / Hand Therapy?

  10. Long Term Pain Relief Management & Prevention

The Importance Of Treating Pain Effectively

Acute and sudden pains from new injuries, conditions or diseases will lead to

  • difficulty working and time off work (we've had patients even going on no-pay-leave)
  • difficulty or inability to play stuff they like, such as sports, hobbies, musical instruments, children or pets
  • difficulty with normal day to day tasks, such as wearing / taking off clothing, meal management, traveling or even toileting

Persistent or chronic pain, from chronic injuries, wear and tear conditions, nerve pains and other pain conditions usually leads to

  • decreased participation in life
  • lots of frustrations and irritability (even depressive)
  • difficulty concentrating
  • lowered libido and intimacy

The cost of inaction for pain relief treatment and physio will impact all areas of life, be it self care, relationships with ourselves / family / loved ones, work and happiness too. Many patients with pain start to withdraw from activities and participating in life.

When we properly treat acute pains or chronic pains, you will be more able to 

  • enjoy work
  • enjoy hobbies / sports / activities
  • enjoy life

You may even be able to sleep better and more restfully, leading to better moods and energy levels.

Your pain MUST be assessed, understood, relieved and treated for the long term to prevent it from escalating and getting so bad that you may need injections or surgeries.

Two key points:

  1. If you're not sure of the causes for your aches, pains, discomfort and stiffness OR
  2. Your pain, stiffness or aches has lasted more than 7 days, You MUST reach out to us.

What To Expect When you Visit us

  1. First sessions are ALWAYS longer (45 minutes) including treatments. The reason we spend longer time in the initial sessions is to take time to understand your medical history, previous treatments with other pain treatments or therapy - understanding the cause of your pain is 50% of the pain relief success journey.

  2. For the patients who dont have any scans or orthopedic doctor or wants a second opinion, we can refer you to a trustworthy orthopedic doctor whom we trust, know personally and have worked with for years. This is for clarity of diagnosis where necessary.

  3. We often see and treat patients who have a confirmed diagnosis from doctors, but who may be stuck or not progressing in their pain relief and recovery journey - we will discuss with you treatment options that may work for your pain condition.

  4. Many of our patients may have tried before acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine physicians, massage for sessions or alternative treatments.

  5. Our goals are rapid pain relief physiotherapy, and where possible, to prevent the need of injections and surgeries and make a difference to your recovery; then work towards full range of motion, full strength, full balance and stability, and then back to full performance at work, play and life

ask us about your pain

You're not alone in your pain relief recovery journey - please do not bear your pain in silence or accept it as it is. Reach out to us to find out how your pains can be more effectively treated.