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Free Physio Phone Consult

Enjoy a free phone consultation with our

  1. physiotherapist
  2. hand therapist

Message or contact us and request a call back and let us know when is the best time or day to have a chat with you.

Over the phone (or messages, if you prefer), we discuss your 

  • pain
  • symptoms
  • condition
  • treatment options

2nd opinion: We can also discuss your current physio treatments and program that you're undergoing, to bounce ideas if your progress or program is sound or suitable for you or needs tweaking.

No strings attached - you can go to your own physio or come to us, whichever you prefer.

Applicable only for patients in Singapore or who are planning to come to Singapore for medical, surgical and physio treatment because we are based in Singapore and have local contextual understanding and knowledge of Singapore practices.