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Custom Made Hand Splints That Hand Therapists Make For Patients

Here in Phoenix Rehab, we only work with experienced, senior and passionate hand therapists who are well versed in the fabrication of customized hand splints for our patients, and these are the following groups of splinting by body parts:

  • Finger splinting (just the digits/fingers and thumbs)
  • Hand based splinting (just the hand including the palm and web space)
  • Forearm based splinting (the forearm, may include wrist and fingers where appropriate)
  • Elbow splinting (generally mainly elbows, but may involve shoulder or wrists)
  • Shoulder Splinting (just shoulder usually)
  • Knee splinting (just knee usually)
  • Ankle splinting (just ankle usually, but may extend to toes)
  • Toes splinting (just the digits/toes)
  • Nose/face splinting (for broken noses/post surgery)

finger splinting

  1. Mallet Splint
  2. Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Dorsal Blocking Splint
  3. Anti-trigger Finger Splint (single digit or multiple)
  4. Finger Gutter Extension Splint
  5. Anti-Boutonniere Splint
  6. Anti-Swan Neck Splint

hand splints

  1. Resting Hand Splint
  2. Night Extension Splint
  3. Dupuytren’s Splint
  4. Ulnar Gutter Splint (Interphalangeal joints free and included)
  5. Radial Gutter Splint (Interphalangeal joints free and included)
  6. Short Opponens Splint
  7. Metacarpalphalangeal Blocking Splint
  8. Thumb Spica (Short)

forearm splints

  1. Wrist Splint (traditional resting brace)
  2. Wrist Splint (Clamshell piece)
  3. Wrist Splint (Flexion splint)
  4. Wrist Splint (Extension splint)
  5. Forearm Gutter Splint
  6. Forearm Based Thumb Spica
  7. Ulnar Gutter Splint (Interphalangeal joints, free and included)
  8. Radial Gutter Splint (Interphalangeal joints, free and included)
  9. Dorsal Blocking Splint
  10. Metacarpalphalangeal (MCPJ) Blocking Splint
  11. Sugar Tong Splint
  12. Delta Cast Gauntlet
  13. De Quervain / Mummy's Thumb Splint
  14. Carpal Tunnel Splint
  15. Thumb Spica (Long / Wrist Based)
  16. TFCC Splint
  17. Scaphoid Fracture Splint
  18. Scapho-lunate Ligament Injury Splint

elbow splinting

  1. Posterior Elbow Splint (Thermoplastic and Delta Cast)
  2. Anterior Elbow Extension Splint
  3. Static Progressive Elbow Flexion Splint
  4. Static Progressive Elbow Extension Splint

knee splints

  1. Knee extension splint
  2. Knee flexion splint

ankle splints

  1. Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) - regular resting version
  2. Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) - dynamic version for walking

toes splint

  1. Buddy splinting
  2. Hallux valgus splinting
  3. Toe extension splinting

nose splints

  1. Nose bridge splinting