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Hey hey Nigel here - a couple of ways to reach us:

  1. WhatsApp message me directly here

  2. Email me at nigel@paininjuryphysio.com

  3. Tap / left click on the Question bubble at the bottom right of the page and it'd bring up a contact form

collab & partnership

  1. If you're a physiotherapist / physical therapist, hand therapist, occupational therapist, massage therapist, podiatrist, orthopedic doctor and want to work with us or collab on marketing outreaches, do reach out - happy to discuss and explore

  2. If you're looking for a physical space to practice your therapy skills and work, we have physical spaces and always looking to grow =)

ask me anything about your bone, muscle, joint (any body pains or aches)

You can ask me about your

  1. muscle, joint, bone, tendons and any body pains, aches and injuries

  2. possibly helpful products

  3. if you want a trustworthy orthopedic doctor recommendation in Singapore, for first, second or even third opinion (it's worth it), reach out to me here. I will refer / recommend you good orthopedic surgeons who we personally and professionally served for years (so it's tried and tested). We dont get commissions for referring, it's a value add service we provide.

  4. If you'd like to see us for your bone, muscle or joint pains and injuries, we practice in Phoenix Rehab in Singapore. We have a team of very senior physiotherapists, hand therapists, TCM physician and even massage therapist too there.

  5. or just reach out to say hi - that's great too

We're happy to hear from you, and to serve you =)

nigel & louise