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Joint Stiffness Physiotherapy

Where two or more bones join or meet together, that's called a joint. Co-joining within these joints are often

  • ligaments
  • tendons
  • bursas
  • etc

that work together to form and support the joint structure and its movements.

This article covers the topic of joint stiffness, and it refers to a joint having difficulties or inability to move or function because of stiffness or tightness that can be caused by:

  • injuries due to trauma such as knee pain, back pain, hand pain, fractures etc
  • ageing (natural wear and tear leading to osteoarthritis)
  • weather and temperature
  • after being in a position for too long (e.g. getting up after sitting down for a couple of hours)
  • conditions like cancer, tumor etc

Most regular patients and individuals tend to avoid the use of the stiff joint, and think that the stiffness and pain will go away "on its own". They sometimes also decide to take some painkillers or muscle relaxants, and then forget about it.

We don't recommend that because undiagnosed and untreated joint stiffness can lead to irreparable and irreversible damage that may warrant surgery...plus most joint pains and joint stiffness, when assessed and treated early with physiotherapy, will be resolved.

joint stiffness physiotherapy

Our senior physiotherapist will first conduct an indepth assessment to understand the full cause and history of your joint stiffness, and history of injuries or pains, before creating a customized to you physiotherapy program to restore your joint stiffness 100%.

Physiotherapy for joint stiffness may include: