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Neck Pain Disorders and Physiotherapy

Also known as cervicalgia, neck pain is so common that seven (7) in ten (10) people have it at some point in their lives. That's 70%!

causes of neck pain

There are a variety of causes of neck pain, from:

  • neck muscle tightness
  • ligament pull in the neck
  • nerve pull/compression
  • whiplash
  • joint injuries
  • etc

The most common neck pain location is exactly where the head is supported, at:

  • the lower neck and
  • the upper back

The upper neck helps with neck and head movements/mobility, whereas the lower neck forms the base pillar of stability for your head and neck to sit in (think of it as the base). If the lower neck is injured, damaged or affected, it will lead to muscle tightness > neck pain.

Of course, neck pain can also be caused by other health conditions, including psychological/emotional stresses too.

symptoms of neck pain

Some of the symptoms of neck pain includes:

  • stiffness/decrease range of motion of the neck joints
  • tingling
  • numbness
  • pins and needles
  • associated/secondary stiffness in upper shoulder
  • sometimes the sensory issues can travel all the way down the arm/hand/fingers

Most neck pains are caused by:

  • direct trauma/hits/injuries to the neck or head
  • repetitive strain injury from prolonged protracted neck positions or awkward angles

Our senior spinal physiotherapists assess your neck and medical history to determine the core of your neck problem before customizing a combination treatment techniques that may include: