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Pain Relief Physiotherapy

Pain relief is one of the main reasons why our patients come to see our senior physiotherapists, hand therapists, deep tissue therapists and more.

We know and understand that pain does have a very significant impact in our lives - it affects our emotional states, mentally we get distracted by pain, and physically pain limits our mobility and function.

We will do our utmost to decrease your pain experience to zero or as low as possible.

And that's why relieving and decreasing pain is a key focus in our physiotherapy approach in managing our patients' orthopedic, sports and musculoskeletal conditions (such as fractures physiotherapy, back pains, neck pains, arthritis etc).

Our senior therapists first need to assess your pain by interviewing to understand

  • what kind of pains you experience
  • how often you experience them
  • how intense or severe they are
  • what causes and aggravates it

followed by a physical /mechanical examination. Then we will use a mix of physiotherapy treatment techniques and mobilizations to diagnose accurate the pain main cause, as well as treat them accordingly.

Manual therapy and joint mobilization will decrease muscle spasms and stiffness, decreasing pain. Some patients with muscle spasms of the back and neck may benefit from our computerized spinal decompression therapy.

Clinical massage therapy will loosen tightened and shortened muscles, inducing a state of calm and relaxation, decreasing inflammation and leads to pain reduction. We may use cold therapy as well to decrease any inflammation or swellings observed, and to combine this with heat therapy to loosen up stiff joints, muscles and soft tissues.

Our senior physiotherapists may also use ultrasound therapy and radio-frequency Indiba physiotherapy to accelerate soft tissue injury. We may also prescribe patients to receive regular deep tissue release therapy to improve muscle balance, tightness and improve circulation.

We will also prescribe specific exercise prescription  to increase our bodies' production of natural painkillers, as well as provides a general sense of health and well being.