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My ProJoint Plus Review (good for joint pains, injuries and Osteoarthritis)
(It’s currently My #1 Recommended joint supplement)


Hi there and welcome to the ProJoint Plus joint pain and cartilage supplement review - I was introduced this joint supplement by our patients with joint injuries and pain.

We tested it, and I think it's my personal favorite so far for joint osteoarthritis, joint cartilage and overall joint health -- reason being that it has a number of advantages when compared to its competitors.

projoint plus joint supplement for joint and cartilage pains

Name: ProJoint Plus from Vita Balance

Quantity : 60 capsules (one month supply)

Price: $39.60 for one bottle but you can get it for cheaper at $28 per bottle (I will tell you how I do that and the same thing I tell all my patients)

Where To Buy: Directly from the manufacturer at ProJointPlus

Works well for / with: Joints (as its name), cartilage, meniscus, stiffness and pains due to joint arthritis, joint osteoarthritis, joint cartilage problems or even weak joints. Patients often report decrease in joint pains, increase in joint flexibility (which also decreases pain and increases movements).

Note: This product is specific to rebuild joint cartilage and health, so it (rebuilding / maintaining) works better and better with consistant use over time.

It is not a very strong anti-inflammatory supplement, so if you're thinking of taking a joint supplement for pain or to rapidly reduce joint swelling, then consider this pain / swelling supplement instead.

is projointplus worth the price?

For me, I think it's worth it because it works (working) for me - 

  • joint pain went down
  • my knee and back joints feel and are stronger
  • I can move my joints more without pains (I feel more confident and have more flexibility)
  • joint cartilage that are damaged are being rebuild

Also, since I dont like taking medicine such as painkillers, I'd rather take natural joint supplements that work. It's sustainable so its the best for the long run.

The only con is that it can be pricey (but here in Singapore, it's fairly affordable when compared to injections or surgeries). But I've found a solution to bring down the cost per bottle of ProJointPlus joint and cartilage supplement.

How To Pay $28 Instead Of $39.60 per bottle

Here’s how I do it:

  • use my coupon code “FIVE$60204837” for a 5% discount
  • choose a larger package 
  • you will get one bottle for free AND $7 discount

That’s $28 per bottle – the cheapest joint cartilage and pain supplement with glucosamine sulfate.

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What I Like in projointplus joint supplement

  1. Quality ingredients: 7 ingredients that work synergistically together
  2. Good dosage (amount in weight) of active ingredients
  3. Works pretty fast (started feeling the benefits in a week)
  4. Effects seems to last quite long even for 2 weeks after stopping them (to test how long it lasts)
  5. Includes the stronger (and more expensive) type of glucosamine, which is glucosamine sulfate
  6. My joints (especially my left knee and right side of lower back) felt stronger, more stable and less sore / painful, compared to other joint supplements that I'd tried
  7. Technically the most affordable (cheapest) joint supplement that helps with my knee and back arthritis when compared to other joint supplements for the same effect

What I DOn’t Like About this joint supplement

  1. It can only be bought through the manufacturer. It's a little more hassle as it's not found in pharmacies, but the upside about this downside is that I get direct and fresh (rather than supplements that can be stored for months or years in a shop).
  2. It can be expensive but you can get a better price like how I do it (see below)
  3. What makes this joint supplement expensive...is because each bottle last 20 days (60 capsules in a bottle to be taken over 20 days, so that's 3 capsules a day for best effect).
  4. Hard to find customer reviews in other places.
  5. Shipping is separate (isnt included), and depending on where you live, it can cost you about $5-10 (so that's why when I buy, I buy in bulk to get bulk savings AND not keep paying shipping for small orders every month).
  6. They dont ship everywhere in the world, so you gotta check if they can ship to you or your loved ones or not.

Why projointplus is My #1 Recommendation For joint pains, joint cartilage problems and joint Osteoarthritis:

I fell and tore my left knee's ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in a silly freak accident as a 14-year-old kid. It was a playground injury, and a pretty dumb one, which still annoys me today.

Then, growing up in Malaysia, we went to see an incompetent orthopedic doctor who did an x-ray and then told me "nothing is wrong, go home", with some painkillers. I could only stare in disbelief - my left knee was swollen to twice its size, it kept unbuckling and i kept falling. I couldnt even walk properly...for a good 6 months.

I've gone from a fit 14-year-old who plays 2-3 hours of basketball daily...to a limping, fat, sad kid, who's now called "pai ka" (Hokkien for broken leg).

If I could go back in time, I will smack him so hard.

But the upside is that, he DIDNT operate on me - pretty sure he'd mess up my left knee or amputate it by "accident". Ugh, terrible backstory.

This was 6 years before I'd go and study occupational therapy, where I found out my exact diagnosis - in class, because we were learning about anatomy and biomechanics. And because my left knee showed this classic torn ACL sign called "anterior drawer symptom", and that's when I got it fixed by seeing a very good knee orthopedic surgeon (choosing the right orthopedic surgeon in Singapore is very important!)

So after years of living with the left torn ACL in my knee, it started to develop into this problem called secondary osteoarthritis. Basically my left knee has grade 2-3 osteoarthritis even after the ACL repair.

My left knee started to hurt more inside

  • the meniscus and cartilage started to wear off
  • but it's the increasing stiffness that annoyed me more

Because I can take / tolerate pain, but the stiffness and decreasing flexibility is such a pain. Next, because of that stiffness, it caused another problem: my back started pick up the slack and I started developing back pain too! 


That's why I started testing and trying different joint supplements that said that they'd help with my knee first, and my back. Some worked, but it was more like joint pain relief, which was nice, but I want something that can help me with the stiffness and joint cartilage repair.

My left knee and back started to become more stiff, and stiffness related pains.

ProJointPlus is one of the few joint pain and cartilage supplement that helped with:

  • my knee and back joint started feeling stronger and better in about 5 days
  • my joint pains decreased a fair bit within 2 weeks
  • most importantly, my left knee and right side of lower back is more flexible which is more important to me

The supplements and meds by doctors were the most expensive (barring their offers of injections) and other supplements were above $60, so ProJointPlus is the still the cheapest at $42/month.

How To Pay $28 Instead Of $39.60 per bottle

Here’s how I do it:

  • use my coupon code “FIVE$60204837” for a 5% discount
  • choose a larger package 
  • you will get one bottle for free AND $7 discount

That’s $28 per bottle – the cheapest joint cartilage and pain supplement with glucosamine sulfate.

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My Experience With ProJointPlus joint pain and cartilage supplement - week #1

I'd shared earlier on my left knee osteoarthritis and back arthritis. Their pains I could tolerate...but the decreasing mobility (stiffness) and flexibility was truly annoying.

As a therapist with a physical therapist wifey, I knew how to stretch and my wife would help me as-when we're available, but that maintains or slows the stiffness...but the stiffness and inflexibility slowly increases over time.

No supplements had helped me with the lack of joint flexibility or the joint / cartilage stiffness. So when some of our patients recommended ProJointPlus (I hadnt heard of it before that), so I decided to test it out because it seemed to have even better ingredients (more joint-specific ones) rather than just the usual pain ones like in tumeric pain supplements.

It was very helpful for my knee and back joint cartilage stiffness and stiffness-related joint pains.

Since I'd been taking and trying different types of supplements for years, I thought to expect the same - getting results in about 3-4 weeks...but I was a little taken aback that my knee and back joint stiffness and flexibility improved noticeably by day 5.

As a healthcare professional, the first thing I will ask is always "is it placebo?"

Wikipedia: A placebo is a substance or treatment which is designed to have no therapeutic value. Common placebos include inert tablets, inert injections, sham surgery, and other procedures.

By the 7th day, my left knee and back joint:

  1. ache less (instead of ongoing continuous ache, there was periods of no joints ache or pains) even with moving about for work or daily activities
  2. there is less joint stiffness and joint-stiffness-related pains, noticeable when I get up from sleeping or from working at a desk

These may seem mundane or mild, but anyone with joint stiffness or pains would know that these can be annoying to downright disabling at worse.

By 14 days, it was weird, my left knee felt even better even though I kept the same dosage (didnt up or increase the dosage). I was taking what the prescribed amount was, 3 pills a day, every day.

I didnt change my diet, I didnt exercise less, I didnt work or workout more - no other variable or changes. This is good.

after one month (29 days)

The joint and cartilage pain and stiffness improvement continued (mostly improved, other than a couple of days seems normal/usual/meh), till about day 28-29.

My left knee was much stronger and flexible, and my right knee too though my right knee had minimal issues. My back doesnt ache as much, even when I carry my kids (I have 3) or whenever they overly-excited jump on me.

The joints seems to be stronger from inside (seems internal), especially that deep stiffness that was the main thing that bothered me.

Of course...like every patient, I "tested" my usual pain points in the knee and back joints (haha, I do it too! Just more carefully). I know when the pain is decreasing or not; and if the joint stiffness / flexibility is improving or not.

The pain and flexibility generally improves (pain decreases, joint flexibility increases, with mostly good days and some okay/neutral days), and how I see it as a healthcare professional and also supplement enthusiast is that the supplement keeps working consistently.

How To Pay $28 Instead Of $39.60 per bottle

Here’s how I do it:

  • use my coupon code “FIVE$60204837” for a 5% discount
  • choose a larger package 
  • you will get one bottle for free AND $7 discount

That’s $28 per bottle – the cheapest joint cartilage and pain supplement with glucosamine sulfate.

Get 5% OFF for ProJoint Plus here with my discount code

Consistency is the key. Supplements that that stop working...is useless.

I was (and still am) satisfied with ProJointPlus.

Of course...I wanted more, but by around day 33, the benefits were about the same / maxed at day 28-29. I continued tested till day 42, and its about the same. Not a big complaint la, overall its positive. Some extra good days where my knees felt like I was 30 years old again, and my knee and back flexibility is good without the "usual joint aches, pain and stiffness".

I started to increase my workouts gradually (not too much at a time) - lifting more weights, walking and jogging here and there, lifting my kids more. I could even work longer in sitting (hand therapy is done in a seated position) with less incidents of aching right side of my back.

key observations

The most important factors of ProJointPlus compared to other knee / joint / cartilage supplements are:

  1. improving my knee and back joint flexibility
  2. the joint feels and is stronger, I can walk / work longer and heavier, with less incident of joint pains or aches

Most of the improvement happens within 6 weeks (first 42 days), and my left knee and right side of lower back has less pain, allowing me to

  1. work longer in sitting with less incidents of back pain and knee joint aches
  2. I could walk further, lift more weight and even have the confidence to lift my kids (it also helped my overall joints)

I'm not saying its a miracle pill or supplement okay, I'm saying that it helped me a lot for my left knee and right lower back. Last time, I cannot walk, stand or sit too long (it'd cause joint pains and muscle spasm that can trouble me for weeks, so I would avoid triggering it).

It doesnt work in one day to resolve all my knee and back problems, but it works over time and I'm still maintaining the dosage to keep my joint cartilage healthy.

good joint health ingredients

They have 7 active joint health supplements that makes ProJointPlus good, plus the amount (dosage) is also decent. I think this is why it works for my joints (and it may work for your joint cartilage and stiffness too)

First and foremost, glucosamine sulfate (1500 mg - higher dosage than most supplements) is the #1 key ingredient (and most important) for joint, cartilage, meniscus and ligament health. It

  • rebuilds them
  • strengthens them (preventing re-tears or worsening of tears) and 
  • increases joint flexibility and mobility with consistent use over time

Secondly, chondroitin sulfate (150 mg) which is the second most important key ingredient for joint health and repair. It works synergistically with glucosamine (above) and also works to protect damaged joint cartilages, tendons and ligaments as well as to rebuild them.

Third on the list is 200 miligrams of boswellia extract, which helps to decrease inflammation that's related to joint and cartilage damage. 

Fourth is tumeric, 150 miligrams which is the most well-known natural herb that decreases pain and swelling, improves inflammation (anti-inflammation effects). The dosage dont seem high, but specific for cartilage and joint pains or injuries, it's enough.

Fifth on the list is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is a sulfur-containing compound that's found in plants, animals and also in our bodies. MSM is naturally useful to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. In addition, research supports its use in treating a number of conditions, from arthritis to rosacea. Works well with tumeric and boswellia.

Bromelian is the 6th ingredient, and it's an proteolytic enzyme that's found in pineapple juice and pineapple stem. It causes your body to naturally create substances that fight pain and swelling. Bonus: Bromelain also contains chemicals that seem to interfere with tumor cells and slow blood clotting.

Lastly, ingredient #7 is quercetin & methionine (total 50 miligrams combines - 25 mg each) which are natural anti-oxidants that reduce free radicals from body cells (preventing or reducing oxidative-related cellular damage including inflammation).


Looking at the ingredients, I like it:

  1. ingredients aren't unknown stuff - they're known ingredients
  2. good quality ingredients, they dont skimp/cut corners eg glucosamine they dont use the common-but-weaker-cheaper one (HCL), they chose the quality sulfate one
  3. good dosage

I think ProJointPlus works because quality ingredients are used together synergistically for joint and cartilage healing.

How To Pay $28 Instead Of $39.60 per bottle

Here’s how I do it:

  • use my coupon code “FIVE$60204837” for a 5% discount
  • choose a larger package 
  • you will get one bottle for free AND $7 discount

That’s $28 per bottle – the cheapest joint cartilage and pain supplement with glucosamine sulfate.

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it works

Other than price and ingredients, the #1 reason I continue to use ProJointPlus and recommend it to patients is simply because it worked for my 

  1. left ACL knee with secondary osteoarthritis because it was left untreated due to misdiagnosis by a doctor, leading to buckling and pain in the earlier stages, and later it became painful in the joint with gradual loss of flexibility (increasing stiffness)
  2. right sided lower back pain and stiffness

So when it helped improve my knee and back flexibility without pain, and I could walk, sit and workout from week 1...and continued to improve, I'm happy that it worked for me.

Its claims were that it:

  1. Increases flexibility and mobility of joints
  2. Nourishes and rebuilds joint cartilage, ligaments and meniscus
  3. Lubricates the joints

I know that's what it states...but being a health professional, I needed to try and test to confirm it. Well I cant confirm if it can nourish the joint cos I didnt do MRI or scans for that, but what I can test are stuff like:

  1. joint pain
  2. joint mobility / flexibility
  3. joint strength and stamina (being able to participate longer in walks, workouts and work)

Because I've problems in my left knee joint and my right lower back joint.

I mentioned earlier that I felt better in 5 days, but that wasn't enough for sceptical me - I continued testing for joint pain, mobility and strength day on day over 6 weeks (42 days) because I want to exclude possibility of placebo effect.

So yeah, ProJointPlus worked for me and did what mattered to me: improving my knee and back joint stiffness / inflexibility and stiffness-related pains.

3 Reasons Why i believe it's better than other joint pain supplements

It Works

At least for me, and I think it's likely due to the number (7) of quality ingredients that work synergistically together.

They seem to use higher quality ingredients eg glucosamine sulfate instead of the cheaper-but-weaker glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL which doesnt work for me)

Improves Joint Flexibility & Mobility

Most joint supplements focus on improving joint pain, but it doesnt improve my joint movement.

So far, ProJointPlus improves my left knee and back joint mobility (less stiffness) over time (best effect by about a month where I realized my joint flexibility is better, less stiff and less stiffness-related joint pains).


At a glance, ProJointPlus seems pricey and expensive, but when you compare it to

  • other joint supplements are around $30-$80 (prices have gone up everywhere!)
  • joint doctor medicine or injections (or worse, joint replacements)

I can get ProJointPlus around $28 per bottle, so it's the most affordable so far and it works

final conclusion
it works and is worth it

  1. It improved my left knee joint and right side lower back stiffness / inflexibility and stiffness-related joint pains. When I tested it over six weeks, I found that I could walk further, workout more, carry my kiddos, work longer in sitting (as hand therapist), the improvements were day by day as I continued the supplementation.

  2. The ingredients were higher quality (they used the more expensive-higher-quality glucosamine sulfate over cheaper-but-weaker glucosamine hydrochloride), and there were seven ingredients for joint cartilage, meniscus and ligament rebuilding / repair / health.

  3. The price for single bottle is more expensive, but when you buy a few at the same time, you get bulk discount as well as save on shipping. If you buy through my code you save an additional 5% too (see below). If it saves me a visit to the orthopedic doctor for their medication (which doesnt improve joint flexibility!) or injections, it's totally worth it.

That's why I choose and use it still today, for the mid and long term, for people with problems such as joint osteoarthritis, joint cartilage or ligament problems. Or if you have joint pains in your hips, knees and shoulders.

So far no patients complained to me about this product, so I'm still happy to recommend it to you and patients.

How To Pay $28 Instead Of $39.60 per bottle

Here’s how I do it:

  • use my coupon code “FIVE$60204837” for a 5% discount
  • choose a larger package 
  • you will get one bottle for free AND $7 discount

That’s $28 per bottle – the cheapest joint cartilage and pain supplement with glucosamine sulfate.

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