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OFF-PEAK physio WEEKDAY @ $100

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicable / valid only for:

    a) FIRST time visitors OR new injuries (applies to returning clients as well) only
    b) ONE / FIRST condition only
    c) Limited to 3 slots per weekday between 2-5 PM only

  2. Strictly by appointment only

  3. Assessments & treatments are done in SGPainRelief.com affiliated clinics

    a) Singapore: Phoenix Rehab (Novena & Tampines).

  4. This offer is valid only when making booking through WhatsApp and quote "Off-peak $100" in the message

NOTE: This is a FULL and complete session of assessment AND treatment, 45 minutes. Yourself, your loved ones or friends will be treated like all other our private patients:

  1. One-to-one with a principal physiotherapist or hand therapist (we NEVER have therapy assistants).

  2. You will never be "left unattended on a machine" - every moment, we will be with you (unless when you're changing la or when necessary).

  3. We treat you like our family member, aiming for full 100% recovery.

  4. No high-pressure upsells or package sales (unless you insist for convenience eg for your family / kids) because some patients need 3 sessions, some need more. This is based on your body's response to our healing techniques and skills.