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Sports And Deep Tissue Massage Physiotherapy

Here in Phoenix Rehab, we have a specialized sports and deep tissue massage service done by specialist senior massage therapists who has been working alongside with our senior physiotherapists team for years.

What makes sports and deep tissue massage physiotherapy effective compared to the usual "cheap" massage is that we come from a medical clinical perspective of deep tissue release and sports massage AND working synergistically with a team senior physiotherapists, hand therapists, occupational therapists who are licensed under Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC; a branch of Ministry Of Health Singapore).

The Phoenix Rehab team are comprised of very senior physiotherapists who have studied the human anatomy, movement and physiology, graduated, more than thousands hours of hands-on clinical practice and experience - as a collective whole, we can confidently say that we do understand the human body, pain and movement much better than anyone else.

Our senior therapists will be able to prescribe and perform a varied range of massage techniques improves the function of affected muscles and soft tissues in daily tasks and activities.

What we do is that we assess, diagnose, treat and intervene at specific tender and tense areas strategically with minimal discomfort for maximal muscle release/restoration to normal length.

(Normal length = good and normal performance)

You see, regular sports and deep tissue release massage helps to

  • dissolve tight knots and normalize muscle fibres
  • aligns the superficial, middle and deep layers of muscles, connective tissues, soft tissues

Which decreases pain associated with movement, improves performance with movement, and feeling good (and confident).

These strokes are similar to clinical massage, but they tend to be deeper, slower, penetrative, that is focused on specific tender, tight, tense points all over the body. Done regularly, they will keep your muscles and movements free of tight/abnormal muscle knots and adhesions.

adhesions release

Adhesions are "sticky" situations that causes soft tissues to stick to something/each other, and it negatively restrict how soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons etc) move, and this may cause:

  • abnormal/unnatural pain or discomfort with movement
  • "locking" or limited movements
  • swelling and pain even

...this causes discomfort and limited mobility, function, confidence.

Regular sports and deep tissue release massage physiotherapy will break down and loosen these adhesions, which then relieves pain and restores normal muscle/soft tissue gliding movements, and to improve normal movement, mobility.

How our senior massage therapists do this is to apply regulated deep tissue pressure and forces cross-fibers of your muscles and connective tissues.

Most of our sports and deep tissue massage therapy patients often report an immediate 

  • improved active range of motion
  • muscles and soft tissue feels less tight
  • they feel lighter and able to move better

Why we recommend patients to regularly engage in sports and deep tissue release massage, which is at least once (1x) per week, is because:

  • tight muscle knots happens every day
  • adhesions occur every day
  • shortening of muscles happens every day

That's why it's an ongoing event to manage, treat and prevent the tight muscles, adhesions and short muscles from getting progressively worse - hence the need for at least once per week treatment.

Regular ports and deep tissue massage physiotherapy is useful for some of the following conditions:

  1. Muscle stiffness, aches and pains such as back aches, neck pains, calf tightness, hip tightness etc
  2. Worries, stress and anxiety
  3. Chronic and long term pain
  4. Consistent headaches
  5. Decreased mobility and difficulties moving
  6. Chronic illnesses
  7. Muscle and joint disorders
  8. Stroke and other neurological problems
  9. Post surgery (after wounds healed, but can start with secondary/non-surgical site first)
  10. During the rehabilitation post injuries
  11. Before and after sports/sporting events such as marathons, basketball/football/rugby/triathlons etc
  12. Etc

If your back, neck, shoulders, hands and hips are aching and seems to be tired/tight/sore, or if you have aching back/neck from prolonged sitting, having regular sports and deep tissue release massage physiotherapy will help to provide you pain relief, less pain, and quicker recovery.