Need a trustworthy orthopedic doctor recommendation in Singapore?

If you have any pains, aches or injuries to your

  • bones
  • muscles
  • joints
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • cartilage
  • nerves

or if you dont know what pains you have, and you want a recommendation to a good, experienced and skilled orthopedic / orthopedist or pain doctor in Singapore, we're the right people to talk to.

reasons to ask us for orthopedic or pain doctor recommendation

  1. We'd been serving and working with orthopedic and pain doctors in Singapore since 2005, so we'd built a network of doctors we work closely with that we can trust with our family members

  2. Secondly we do NOT take commissions or referral fees by referring you or your family members to them - this a value-added service because we care and we can. This makes our recommendations honest and real.

  3. Getting a second (or even third) independent orthopedic or pain medical opinion before you decide to get an injection or even surgery. 

how we choose the orthopedic or pain doctors to recommend to our patients or enquiries?

Firstly and foremost, we choose by skill, experience and expertise. This means that if you have a shoulder ache or injury, we will recommend you to one who has expertise in shoulder. This means we choose and filter by sub-specialization, so that you get the one who has best skill and experience specific to your injury or pains.

is this for people who live in singapore only?

It'd be convenient for people who are already living, working or visiting Singapore and looking for a good and trustworthy orthopedic doctor in Singapore.

However, if you're planning to visit friends or family in Singapore, or coming here purely for your bone, muscle or joint pains or injuries (medical tourism), that is also normal too - we have a number of patients from Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China and even as far as middle eastern citizens) who come to us, see an orthopedic doctor and get a couple of physiotherapy and hand therapy sessions with us before flying off.

A couple of times a year.

Nigel, please recommend me an orthopedic doctor you trust who you'd send your family too as well

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