Back to football after a significant shoulder injury

by Mark J

I unfortunately suffered a significant shoulder injury playing football and was referred to for physiotherapy when i told the orthopedic i didnt want to do a shoulder surgery.

Initially I had doubts about the effectiveness of this program, but I even moreso wanted to avoid/prevent a surgery...and im glad that the results were good. After having gone through my shoulder physio program for 8 weeks, I feel much stronger in my shoulder than before.

I’m very pleased with what has done and how they provided personalized service throughout my physiotherapy sessions. The therapists there are thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced; they continuously assessed my condition and gave me exercises that catered specifically to my needs.

The sessions have not only helped me become more aware of posture and body movements but also understand when I was over-exerting myself during sports activity or daily life movements – these still happen sometimes even now! The difference is that I can self-correct it quicker now with the knowledge and skill set that they've provided me with.

I also learnt that i cannot just play football without consistent training and strengthening, so ive changed my schedule to include gym and workouts between games on weekends (no more weekend warrior for me haha)

Overall, has been an excellent partner in helping me recover quickly from my shoulder injury; I’d highly recommend it to anyone who may be in need of physiotherapy rehabilitation services!

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Aug 27, 2023
Thank you for sharing on your shoulder pain injury recovery
by: Nigel

Hi Mark!

Thanks for sharing your testimonial, and we're happy that your shoulder is back to sports-level performance.

Good to keep doing those shoulder (and general) strengthening exercises, and come in for higher level pre-hab sports-specific (in your case, football-specific) strengthening too k

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