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Balance Training Physiotherapy

Balance is something that is usually missed out on by most patients and individuals because it's something that's not commonly thought about as we move and live each day of our lives and work. However, if one has imbalance, it can really affect your ability to:

  • walk around safely and effectively
  • participate in life, work or responsibilities as a whole

physiotherapy balance training

Balance training in physiotherapy refers to physio-controlled application of biomechanical and torque forces to our anatomy and physiology, to train your balance.

A simple example is if you're walking unbalanced/in imbalance, what would happen is that your body and limbs will compensate (and in some circumstances, over-compensate) to help prevent you from losing your balance and eventually falling. To do this, some muscles may be overly tightened/braced.

Done over a period of time, these muscles will tighten and shorten permanently, leading to long-term structural imbalanced/asymmetry, which in turn, causes extra strain at joints. This means that some joints, muscles and soft tissues will wear out faster over time, and accelerate repetitive strain injuries and pains.

balance training physio

Our senior physiotherapists and occupational therapists will assess your resting and dynamic balance postures and movements, to observe, analyze and understand your movement biomechanics to identify what's causing your imbalance and asymmetry.

Maybe it's:

  • improper footwear
  • insufficient strength
  • insufficient stamina
  • missing proprioception
  • postural habits
  • etc

And we'd correct them through

If there is already present structural damages and shortenings, we may refer you to a specialist to prescribe you specific corrective-devices such as orthoses to be customized (in severe cases, you may need surgical intervention but surgery is usually a last-resort measure when it's extreme or causing pain to you).

Most of the time, for most normal/healthy children and adults, having specific and regular balance training with our senior physiotherapists will be beneficial to correct any instability and imbalance.

With physio sessions and trainings, the patients will get stronger and improved balance, we will then increase the difficulty with equipment such as raised platforms, uneven platforms and even dynamic/uneven platforms such as Bosu balls.

Patients who are safe and independent enough can buy to train themselves at home/office, but if patients are more at risk, especially with a pre-existing weakness/imbalance/condition, please do not use Bosu ball on your own - do get treated and training with our senior physiotherapists first.