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Core Stability Exercises Physiotherapy

Our vertebrae, back muscles and ligaments form the support for our entire body - it is the foundational support where all posture and movements start from, and that by itself shows the importance of building and maintaining a back and core that is both strong and flexible.

A weak back leads to high risk of back injury and recurrence of back pain, and that will severely impact your ability to move about, work and do stuff you love.

Our senior spine and sports physiotherapists help clients to build core stability and strength with focus to improve level of spine support and stabilization. Physiotherapy core stability exercises and core strengthening programs helps you achieve this this by re-educating and re-training the specific muscles of your back, trunk and spine, which are usually weakened from

  • sedentary (non-active) lifestyle including a lot of sitting/seated work
  • poor ergonomics at home and office
  • history of (recurring) back pain
  • postural habits

After 4-8 sessions of exercises and strengthening physiotherapy sessions, you may find that your posture, hands and legs movement and function becomes weirdly

  • easier
  • smoother and
  • stronger

- this is because all movements stem from the center of your body, which is essentially your core. That means that the stronger and more stable your central core, the better your overall function. The premise is "stronger/stable proximity increases distal function and movement", which translates to all movements including standing upright, walking, running, engaging in dynamic activities such as sports, work etc.

Core physiotherapy and spinal exercises helps to:

  1. You will have stronger, more stable and supported back, which in turn decreases risk of back injuries and of course, decreases back pain.
  2. As the central core and base of movements is improved, you will have stabler, smoother and stronger motions, improving general movements, decreasing fatigue and risk of injuries.
  3. Your coordination will be much better, with quicker and more accurate responses.
  4. Your tolerance and stamina will improve, and you will gain more endurance at work, life, responsibilities, activities and exercises.

Physiotherapy interventions such as core strengthening exercises are done in our clinics by our senior physiotherapists to help our patients improve mobility, function and reduce risk of injury and pain. This can be done for patients pre-operatively or post-operatively, depending on each individual patient.

Some of our patients include patients who are pregnant (from the early to the heavily pregnant), post delivery as well as active men, women and children.