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Dry Needling
Relief from Headaches, Pain & Muscle Tightness

Dry needling can be very effective on all the conditions mentioned above as well as many other conditions to

Dry needling refers to a safe Western medicine technique where our senior physiotherapists use sterile acupuncture needles release tight bands within/inside an over-active (spasmic) muscle.

Not to worry, these dry needling needles are very, very fine single-use single filament needles are inserted into the skin and muscle targeting these “triggers points” or “knots”.

Myofascial trigger points have been proven to be a common source of

  • localized pain
  • referred/radiating pain
  • block/decreased movements

Trigger points are often caused by

  • overuse (repetitive strain)
  • poor posture / poor postural habits
  • poorly designed work places or habits
  • increased stress
  • by-product from an injury

One very common example of trigger point pain...the dreaded common tension headache!

How can Dry Needling help?

So when the very fine dry needle is inserted into the trigger point, it enters into the very tight muscle's golgi tendon, and causes a "twitch" response which causes the tight muscles to contract tight then become very relaxed and normalized.

Some patients are surprised at how fast it works as it is a very normal physiological and biological response .

Does dry needling come with Any Side Effects?

There is no side effects associated with dry needling as there is

  • no medications involved
  • no surgery involved

And it ranges from person-to-person, but most patients may feel a pin prick sensation when you feel the "twitch" experience, but it eases almost immediately when the tight muscle relaxes.

Some patients report muscle soreness or a feeling of bruised muscles that can last up to 24 hours after the dry needling physiotherapy session (this is a similar feeling to post-exercise aches)

Our senior specialist physiotherapist will have been specifically trained, experienced and certified in using dry needling physiotherapy technique to help relief pain from tight muscles.