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Flexibility And Stretch Physiotherapy

If you improve your flexibility and stretching ability, you will improve your strength, balance and stability and more.

Individuals (and patients) who build and main a strong-and-flexible core will 100% have:

  • increased strength
  • increased balance
  • increased stability

...and more importantly, they have a much lower chance/risk of injury. There are ONE (1) often hidden benefits that many do not see, and they are:

Increased righting reactions/speed - we become more physically and naturally able to correct ourselves and this prevents full damage (or any).

An example is a person who doesn't have a strong, active and flexible core, if he or she trips over a pebble, the chances of them hurting themselves with impact is higher than a person who has a strong, active and flexible core because he or she will be able to react and correct faster.

The difference can be staggering, like

  • 100% full impact versus
  • 0% to anything less than 100% impact

And that's the importance of combining a strong core with our senior physiotherapists and combination with our clinical Pilates instructors (after being assessed and treated by our senior physiotherapists to ascertain medical/injury history, of course)

customized flexibility and stretching physio

Building, improving and maintaining your flexibility is crucial to improve

  1. muscle strength
  2. muscle endurance
  3. muscle performance

in everyone, and this is not 'just' relevant to only sports people or athletes, though they will probably benefit the most from this.

The reason for this is because all of us are created to move. And movement happens with a complex combination of brain-muscle-joint movements, and that's why building and having supple and flexible muscles and joints will improve your movement.

Sounds simple, but it has very far-reaching benefits.

To illustrate

Example #1:

Imagine your left leg is tied to your right leg. Depending on long is the rope between both legs, it can be very hard to walk, much less run. Inefficient and high risk of injury by falling right?

This is similar to how we may walk if the muscles and joints of our legs and back is tight or injured.

Example #2:

This is an extension/application of Example #1. Imagine if you have your legs tied as per Example #1, and say you have responsibilities. Maybe you're a parent, and you need to carry your kid - would it be safe? Would you trip?

Maybe you're an employee, can you walk or work efficiently and effectively?

Maybe you enjoy jogging. Can you jog safely?

That's a simple example of the importance of flexibility and stretching.

Relaxed and normal-length muscles will be able to contract more, creating more force and power for better movements, compared to a similar muscle that has been shortened because of

  • underuse or
  • prolonged shortened position or
  • the presence of trigger points

Our senior physiotherapists are cherry-picked for their experience, passion and clinical outcomes, and they will not only take their time to assess and understand you, your health, wellness and clinical needs, and they will create customized-to-you a combination of

to help you build and maintain supple, flexible and yet strong joints, bones and soft tissues.

Exercise physiotherapy to improve patient's soft tissues, muscles and joints to flex will be a mix of

Combined with deep tissue release therapy to treat shortened and tightened muscle knots due to improper posture, improper/awkward positioning and injuries. We may also prescribe dry needling for very tight muscle knots and acupuncture for general well being.

We often advise every patients that we need to be proactive in building and maintaining our body's health, fitness and wellness. Don't wait till something is injured or in pain before we go for physiotherapy, which is what most people and patients tend to do.

Our senior physiotherapists can help treat and facilitate your flexibility and fitness needs. Consider to contact us for a no obligation consult by phone, WhatsApp or email, or you can even swing by to take a look at our clinics and connect with us personally (do contact us to schedule this, as we want to be able to provide you 1-to-1 as all our appointments are scheduled in advance)