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Heat Therapy and Physiotherapy

Heat therapy can help your muscles and soft tissue to relax and stretch better (especially if they're shortened/tightened), improves blood flow and circulation.

The increased blood flow and circulation carries nutrient-rich blood and circulation and removes waste, and this synergistically accelerates:

  • healing of soft tissues (muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments)
  • healing of harder structures like bones and cartilage

This is especially helpful if you have:

  • aching muscles or
  • stiff joints or
  • injuries or pains
  • etc

Maybe due to injuries or conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other health conditions, want to warm up your limbs/body before exercise, and we even have patients who buy our Bremed electrical hotpack because they are cold in their homes/offices or due to their stomach cramps.


If/when heat therapy is applied or used inappropriately, it CAN cause:

  • more swelling
  • more pain

Our senior physiotherapists and hand therapists will be able to advise you when and how to use your Bremed electrical hotpack .

Hot and heat therapy are favored and beneficial with:

  1. Rheumatic stiffness and pains
  2. Arthritic stiffness and pains
  3. Sciatica
  4. Back pains
  5. Neck pains
  6. Muscle sprains (like calf pulls)
  7. Joint strains
  8. Muscle stiffness

The goals of heat therapy in our physiotherapy clinics are:

  1. improve glide, flexibility and stretch of soft tissues, joints and muscles
  2. decrease pains in muscles
  3. decrease muscle spasms
  4. increase circulation, blood flow and accelerate healing rate
  5. warm up muscles safely

Most patients love using gentle heat to bring pain relief to cold/stiff/painful parts of their bodies, and it's really convenient to do so with our Bremed electrical hotpack which delivers consistent heat (read more in the link).

Even though it's comfy and nice, please understand that it by itself isn't therapy intervention, so if you have pains that have been around for more than a week, please connect with us to see one of our specialist senior therapists who will be able to accurately

  • assess and understand your diagnosis
  • come up with a customized therapy plan for you
  • treat you
  • provide pain relief and
  • prevent the condition from coming back