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Hypermobility is a designated syndrome where joints are laxer than usual. This is due to the collagen in the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) are not as rigid as they should be. This causes Hypermobility at joints and can increase the vulnerability to injuries. Hypermobility can occur in both children and adults. Hypermobility can cause a lot of pain at joint, especially during activity.

Senior physiotherapist assessing hypermobility in joint

What causes Hypermobility?

Hypermobility is usually a hereditary condition, but can be as a result of an injury causing ligaments to stretch. The shape of the end of the bones also can also have an effect on the mobility of joints. The true Hypermobility syndrome is caused by a problem in the protein fibres of the collagen tissues increasing the elasticity. Hypermobility syndrome is diagnosed using the Beighton Score which is:

To be classified as hypermobile you must score four out of nine.

How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can offer a service to people who have hypermobile joints as they are at greater risk of injury. It is important for people with Hypermobility to keep fit and healthy looking after their joints.

Our senior physiotherapists can provide:

  • Preventative education
  • Maintenance exercises
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Pain management
  • Self management strategies

What treatments can be expected for Hypermobility?

Our senior physiotherapists are experienced at treating clients with hypermobile joints.

They have a great wealth of knowledge of the condition and many treatment skills which are beneficial. Some of the treatments could include the following dependent upon assessment and the Physiotherapists clinical judgement:


Hypermobility in joints can increase the risk of individuals sustaining injuries, therefore preventative methods should be put in place. Our senior physiotherapists can provide advice, education, assessment and treatments as appropriate to help manage the condition.

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