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Manipulation And Mobilization Physiotherapy

Our specialist physios use joint and soft tissue manipulation and mobilization techniques specificly to improve the movement and function of your

  • soft tissues
  • joints
  • muscles
  • tendons and
  • ligaments

There are 5 grades/levels of mobilization, and manipulation is the highest grade (Grade 5) which is a high-velocity (speed), high-movement technique that's usually done on the back and neck joints to provide close to immediate pain relief and improved flexibility (where the safety conditions are met).

The other 4 grades of mobilization refers to slower and more gradual technique that is done on joints, ligaments and muscles, and they're usually more than enough and helpful to

  • decrease pain
  • improve flexibility
  • improve movement and range of motion

Physiotherapy mobilization techniques can be gentle, firm or deep, depending on what our physios assess and determine is required for your specific injury and conditions.

Our specialist physiotherapists are carefully selected because of their clinical experience, clinical expertise and passion on the management of patient's pains and musculoskeletal system; and they may use manipulation and mobilization as part of their physiotherapy treatments depending on their assessment and your condition.

Manipulation And Mobilization Physiotherapy
What We do

All Phoenix specialist physiotherapists are carefully selected, trained, experienced and experts in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, especially in managing:

They will do indepth assessment of your pain and condition to understand your condition and pain specificly, identify the exact cause of the pain and treat the core problem, which will remove the condition for good and prevent it from recurring.

Our #1 goal is to provide immediate pain relief, and once that is done, then we will work on

  • improving movement
  • improving strength
  • improve function

- so that you can return to work, life, sports, activities and responsibilities that you enjoy. Our senior physios also have the relevant clinical experience and clinical knowledge to go deeper into your underlying muscle layers if necessary, to locate and break down any muscle adhesions that can decrease normal movement and cause pain, and restore normal muscle function and relieve pain.

Manipulation And Mobilization Physiotherapy can be used For

  • Neck Pain
  • Decreased range of motion/ movement in joints
  • Injury recovery