Neck can move much better, less pain

by Ng Chin Yee
(Orchard (Singapore))

As a work from home mom, I sit at the computer for long hours, and I realized after some time that it hurts my neck.

I did the usual first, taking painkillers, resting more, but the neck pain started to stick around longer and longer, until I couldnt take it anymore.

That's when I asked some of my friends and they told me that they go to sgpainrelief for their neck pain (some of them go for low back pain, some for hip pain, some for knee)

I was in the middle of a big project, so I delayed a little more, also partly to see if my neck strain and pain would get better. It improved a little, but then the pain came back and didnt improved from there.

What's worse is that I started to be unable to "get" a good neck sleeping position at night, so it started to bug my sleep. The stiffness would sometimes continue into the mornings as well.

So I decided that enough was enough and I made an appointment for neck physio with them.

I wasnt sure what to expect, so I just turned up (their SMS reminder was useful) - my neck physio was patient, gentle and explained what caused my neck pains and stiffness, and told me what to expect during the sessions and recovery.

Yes, I was given some homework to do, which I dont always do...(too busy!), but I do try as often as I can (usually before I fall asleep or whenever my neck hurts).

After a couple of sessions with them, my neck pain went down at least 50%, and I can now turn my neck almost full range. I can work longer with less neck pains now, and can turn my neck to quickly lookout for my kids too.

I go back every 2 weeks or so to maintain my neck range of motion and muscle tightness. Thank you sgpainrelief!

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Sep 03, 2023
Keep doing your neck stretches
by: Louise

Hi Chin Yee

Thank you for sharing your neck pain physio testimonial with us, we appreciate it. Do continue doing your neck stretches (especially the side ones)

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