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Physiotherapy And Hand Therapy After Surgery

Many of our patients are often shocked or scared that they are referred immediately for

after surgery...and in some cases, immediately same day or just one (1) day after surgery. Most patients wonder why, because sometimes they're worried or in some pain, but here's the reason why orthopedic surgeons often encourage for physiotherapy and hand therapy as soon as possible after a surgery:

...early and careful mobilization/exercises after surgery will accelerate tissue healing in the proper directions, allowing quicker and shorter recovery periods.

In many cases, such early and careful exercises done by trained and experienced senior physiotherapists and hand therapists allows gradual loading of structures and prevent unnecessary adhesions scarring that allow the operated structures to gain strength quicker."

To assure you, our senior physiotherapists and hand therapists are actually quite used to it, and the earliest we've provided therapy to a patient post surgery can be as fast as within 60 minutes post surgery.

Our senior physios work closely with

  • orthopedic doctors
  • hand surgeons
  • sports physicians

And no matter which Phoenix physio clinic we work in, patients can be assured that our senior therapists and doctors are often corresponding by phone calls, text messages and even emails, for one goal: to enhance therapy outcomes after surgery.

The field of hand surgical intervention includes both surgical and non-surgical interventions that takes place in the upper limb, from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers. Doctors who practices hand operations includes graduates of

  • general surgery (GS)
  • orthopedic surgery (Ortho)
  • plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons receive extensive and significant training in hand surgery during their housemanship and residency training, and some even extend one more year to do hand fellowship training.

Sometimes orthopedic surgeons continue to develop their own and special techniques to manage small bones, especially those found in the wrists and hands. Plastic surgeons ahead of their expertise will develop microsurgical techniques to repair small nerves and vessels within the fingers and hands.

Hand surgical interventions incorporates techniques from orthopedics, plastic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, vascular and microvascular surgery and psychiatry and it is truly a complex, interesting and fascinating specialty.

Hand surgeons performs a wide range of operations such as tendon release and repairs, fracture repairs, tendon transfers, reconstruction surgeries, repairs of arthritis, replantation, soft tissue correction, nerve reconstruction and surgery to improve function in paralysed upper limbs.