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Posture-related Neck Pain

Our healthy human posture has been slumping and sloping with the recent years due to a combination of:

  •     decreased activity levels (more sedentary lifestyle)
  •     increased screen-based activities for leisure and work

In many of our patients who are office workers, because of the forward head posture (see picture on right, and yes, that is right mugshot of Justin Bieber - Justin, if you're reading this, then you need to come to see us to get treated ok =D).

This posture places a lot of unnecessary strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the:

  •     neck
  •     shoulder
  •     back
  •     arms and all the way to the wrist

What happens is that the muscles have to work doubly or triply hard to hold the weight of our about 5-6 kg head for 8-10 hours every day. That's like carrying a watermelon with a slightly outreached hand - the pain from strain is tremendous.

This leads to:

How can our treatment help?

Here in Phoenix Rehab, our senior physiotherapists will carry out an in-depth assessment including postural analysis to understand your discomfort, strains and pains.

From there, we will work on:

  • Releasing tight, shortened and overused muscles with trigger point release technique
  • Correction of posture
  • Recruitment, activation and strengthening of specific upper body muscles to decrease abnormal muscle strain/overuse
  • Taping to create postural awareness

Consider engaging in our state-of-the-art Indiba Therapy to help you accelerate your body’s pains and core problem.

How can you help?

As postural correction also targets posture habit correction, it'd be helpful if you can bring a partner along to your session, as he or she can then:

  • see how the session is done specificly to help you
  • be taught on how to correct and feedback for you to improve to take away your posture-related neck pains

(There are lots to do by our back and neck specialist physiotherapists too, which includes

How long will it take for my posture related neck pains to go away?

This really depends from individuals to individuals.

Some patients need a couple of sessions, just 2-3 sessions. Some need less, some need more, and it depends on the speed their bodies repair, how their bodies respond to therapy etc.