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Bremed Electric Heat Pack heat Sandwich

This is my preferred and favorite method of introducing heat to my or patients' hands for hand therapy, and it's also applicable for warming cold, cramping or painful feet too. The basis of this electrical heat pack sandwich is simply:

  • Two towel-wrapped electrical heat packs,
  • Sandwiching hands or feet or limbs

This is what it will generally look like:

So the electrical Heat Sandwich will consist of 7 layers

  1. Towel
  2. Electrical Heat Pack
  3. Towel (1-2 layers)
  4. Hands / Feet
  5. Towel (1-2 layers)
  6. Electrical Heat Pack
  7. Towel

Note that there is 1-2 layers of towel to protect the electrical heat pack from directly touching the skin. Some individuals may prefer to not have the 1-2 layers of towel to protect but please be very careful and take precaution if you decide to do this.

Do read our Bremed electric heating pad safety precautions.

The outer part of the towel is to decrease/minimize heat loss into the environment, hence keeping the heat in.