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How To Use Our Bremed Electric Heating Pad

So my favorite and recommended electrical heat pack is Bremed BD 7800 electrical heat pack, which:

  • I've personally been using since 2011
  • I've professionally used for my hand therapy practice and patients; and prescribing to my hand therapy patients since 2011/2012

- it's not a new product to me professionally and personally, and it's been around since 1991; Italian designed and engineered (read more in the recommended electrical heat pack page)

how to use our electrical heat pack

So when you purchase it, it comes in a box, and when you open up the box, you'd see:

There is a 2-pin europlug which you need to plug into a power socket (use an adaptor if it's easier for you), which is attached to a white remote with 3 settings:

  • 0 = Zero heat
  • 1 = Medium heat
  • 2 = High heat

For 1 and 2, I note that I write as "Medium" and "High" heat, but heat can be subjective, one person's high heat can be low and vice versa, so always be safe and careful and go through the safety precautions found here.

It'd take 5-15 minutes to heat up, and if it's for your hands or feet, and if you like it warmer, you can take a peek at my "heat sandwich method"

Then place it at the body part or limbs as preferred:

  • lower back (place it at your back as you sit or lie down)
  • hands (place it over your hands or use the heat sandwich)
  • feet (place over your feet or place it under your feet, or heat sandwich method)
  • shoulder (drape it over shoulder or lie on it)

The method of application is generally:

  1. draping over
  2. lying on it (be extra careful, as pressure increases heat)
  3. wrapping around
  4. heat sandwich

And methods differ based on body parts eg electrical heat pack for back application is very different to electrical heat pack for hands as well as preferences (higher heat = lying on it or heat sandwich; lower heat = draping)