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Bremed Electrical Heating Pad Safety Precautions & Contraindications

Inasmuch as I love using and prescribing electrical heat packs to patients, family and friends, there are safety, precaution and contraindications to be mindful of.

Electrical heat packs can cause burns when not handled well.

However, when handled well and safely - it is a great heat therapy tool with a lot of benefits and applications.

Do not use our electrical heat packs with/when:

  • before use, always check the condition of the electrical heat pack to ensure it's in good shape/condition for use (no punctures, no exposed wires etc)
  • always use with the electrical heat pack cover on
  • do not use the electrical heat pack in water
  • do not roll, fold or bend the electrical heat pack
  • use an additional layer of towel to ensure that the heat pack doesn't become too hot
  • be mindful, with pressure, the heat increases eg if you take it and hold it to your tummy/shoulder/body part versus you lying on it, the heat is higher when you lie down on it
  • do not use over open wounds, open sores, open lacerations
  • do not use in acute (fresh) injuries
  • do not use if you have any bleeding disorders
  • do not use with tissues with decreased or severe lack of sensitivity
  • do not use with tissues with inadequate vascular supply (because of increased metabolic rate and demand which a tissue with poor blood supply may fail to meet resulting in ischemia)
  • if you use it to sleep, please be extra mindful and do not set at highest temperature - test first always
  • if you use it to heat up your baby cot/children bed/pet cot, please place it under the mattress where it slowly heats up the mattress instead of having the children/baby/pet lie on it directly, and set the temperature to lowest setting. Ensure that the pets/baby/children cannot directly access the wire